Women make beauty for themselves first

Call women as women, that is, everyone expects women to be beautiful, to make a gesture and to be groomed in the way they dress, walk, and gesture. In particular, when women go to the streets, to work, to society, they pay more attention to preparing. Why should women not only “should” but also thoroughly beautify?

A little review of why beauty makes women happier, more successful, writer Suong Nguyet Minh once discussed the phrase “Beautiful women always have gifts”. Because beautiful women always attract and receive the attention, respect and favor of everyone around. Moreover, the ancients said and in fact have affirmed this for hundreds of years: men always respect and target women who are attractive, embellish and promote beauty and talent. her abilities like Queen Cleopatra, Queen Elizaberth … Nowadays, the British princesses Kate Milddleton, actress Angelina Jolie, … are also models of modern beauty that everyone admires. Any eva has its own strengths and beauty, so don’t be afraid to apply lipstick, but know how to use them to help you look better and more confident. This is also a factor that helps you become a magnet to attract many opportunities, including career opportunities and love. Even, the wife is also a pride for the husband if you are married because: Men are rich because you came for your wife.

Appearance and grooming are also one of the keys to women’s success. This is shown by a study conducted at the London Institute of Economics, UK, based on 52,000 people with the results showing that beautiful, bright women will have the opportunity to develop their career and success. more public. Another study done in the US also confirmed the same results. Professor Dario Maestripieri, who specializes in the field of human resource development at the University of Chicago, said surveys show that people with beautiful, attractive looks are often more likely to win in negotiations involving contracts and it is also easy to convince customers, the listeners presented … In addition, another point worth noting is that beautiful women are often easy to get a raise and their salary is always higher than 3. -4% compared to colleagues who don’t know how to cultivate themselves. Beauty is also easier to be promoted in faster jobs. Therefore, because of the open opportunities ahead and because you are a woman, never refuse the opportunity to get what you want.

Preparing and beautifying is one of the skills that every woman needs to equip herself well. Ms. Nguyen Hoa Tam, General Director of Maria Beauty Center, said: “A guideline that women need to remember is that there are no ugly women but only women who do not know beauty. I find our women too subjective, especially after getting married. Never think of yourself as a fish that is subjective to taking care of yourself.

Many women are smart and have strong personalities, they are very successful in their careers. However, many of them are so engrossed in their careers, busy with taking care of their families that they forget to take care of themselves and make themselves unattractive. So, as a beauty expert, helping women to be professional, I always support you, even support women who go to plastic surgery to fix defects because that will help women self. believe more. It is important for you to choose a safe, reputable place for yourself. However, women also do not overdo beauty because if you only take care of your appearance and flashiness all day, it will make both men and people bored. We like women who value their strengths and strengths. And when we protect women for love, we respect her own interests, her career, and her beauty.

In anthropology, the ancients said, the important thing about the general is: Voice – Spirit – Spirit. You can absolutely use the money from a plastic surgeon. So, it is clear that awareness of beauty issues is the first important factor. And the spirit of beauty that exudes in the culture, knowledge, and aesthetics itself will determine what level of glamor a woman stands on. If you are profound, plus you know how to choose a suit of body shape, know how to choose a perfume that expresses personality, all (outside – inside) will combine into a beautiful beauty, and only your own.