Suggest ways to choose a nice T-shirt

Women’s T-shirts are a style that is enjoyed by almost everyone, not only because they are simple and cool but they are easy to please. However, saying that doesn’t mean you can arbitrarily choose any type of t-shirt without considering it. Below we show some suggestions on how to choose T-shirts for each wearer.

For people with skinny bodies

If you are a skinny and tall girl, the best way is to consult the round neck T-shirt patterns, miss the crocodile pattern and stand out colors. they will help you look more plump. With cool cotton material, you are not afraid of heat or discomfort.

With round-sleeved T-shirt, usually go with jeans or khaki, sometimes with variations with cloth pants and especially with skinny people, they disguise you as lovely and cute girls and hide their bodies too mound

For her, she has a fat body

Do not rush to be self-deprecating with your appearance but do not dare to try any kind of t-shirt. You will feel sorry. As originally stated, T-shirts are not picky, but for a person with a round body, the best method is to learn and choose the right style and color to help you cover up. point.

With fat people, you should choose for yourself the light, no dazzling, striped, wide-colored t-shirts to help you cover the extra fat under the belly, the gentle texture will look younger and more attractive. You can combine black jeans to cover the big legs, you will look much slimmer.

For people with low bodies

Little girls will be afraid of their bodies, and often have a hard time choosing clothes. But in fact it is not, all fashion models are for everyone, and they are really suitable and stylish when you know how to combine them perfectly.

Find out for yourself models of T-shirts from long combined with short shorts with high-heeled doll shoes, boots or high boots, you will confidently cheat a few more centimeters but still look extremely lovely, soothing easy.

In order to change the style, you can find models of stylized stylized T-shirts with short shorts, accessories you can go with handbags to create accents, then, the opposite will be attracted by a cute girl.

How to choose beautiful female shorts for each person

Women’s shorts are an indispensable style for women in the summer. However, it is necessary to know how to choose beautiful female shorts, suitable to the shape of people to wear them both luxuriously and fashionable.

Short short for those thin and thin girls

If you have a small shape with a modest height, short-legged thighs are the perfect item for you. Short short not only helps you show off your slender legs but also helps them look longer.

However, to choose shorts that fit your cute physique, you need to pay attention to the color, material and style of the pants. Bright colors with plaid patterns, flowers, small print patterns with spongy materials such as reels, brocade, foam, will help you look better and higher. Wearing pants, pleated pants, or waist high waist pants makes you look taller and rounder with curves.

Also note that you should not choose tube pants that are too wide to create a clear contrast with your skinny legs. In order to look taller, you should avoid combining clothing that splits your body like a stratified combination, combining items of the same color with each other, using thin belts and high heels.

Dark colors, big patterns for her roundness The plump and slender will make her more slender when creating a higher illusion so short of plaid or zig-zag pattern is the appropriate choice, large and moderate patterns also help to hide the shape than.

Colors to use will be dark tones like black, navy blue, dark green. No more than hugging, scooping late and the length of the thighs down is the standard for her.

The costumes combined should be comfortable, smooth with the body, the color of the dress should be in the same shape or pattern. The accessory included is a small plate belt, a large square sole high heel shoe or a paddle base to balance the body.

In addition to the shorts, the modest girls in height are also very anxious when choosing pants, so please refer here.

Short for her to be tall and thin

Ideal height is the dream of many sisters, but when it is too tall and thin, choosing clothes is not easy. But the shorts can show off their long legs, sometimes counteracting to reveal the shrillness of the arrogant legs.

In order to avoid this, in contrast to her short choice of low and thin, you should choose the shape of long pants from the thighs down to the knees.

Puff pants, spongy materials or bright colors and small patterns are common to thin women, but thin tall women need horizontal lines to increase the width, balance with height.

In the same way, combining the sub-body layer is what you need, the big belt and flat shoes are the right accessories.

Dark, striped for her round

Her roundness will be slimmer when creating a higher illusion so short of plaid or zig-zag motifs are appropriate choices, large and moderate patterns also help to hide more designs. Colors to use will be dark tones like black, navy blue, dark green.

The costumes combined should be comfortable, smooth with the body, the color of the dress should be in the same shape or pattern. The accessory included is a small plate belt, a large square sole high heel shoe or a paddle base to balance the body.

How to choose shirts for skinny people

Many women who are skinny, have high headaches, worry about how to choose fashion clothes that can hide their shortcomings. The shirt is an indispensable shirt for girls, especially the office lady. In order for you to be more confident, more attentive, the following are suggestions for girls to be able to choose the right shirts and their body concealer.

The shirt is horizontal and textured, large textures will help female friends less skinny. These patterns are effective for you not only on shirts but also when they are used on skirts and T-shirts.

Thin female friends should keep an eye on the high-waist shirts. This style helps you to be fuller, clearer and the second round is also full of life.

If anyone knows a little about the meaning of colors in painting, it will also be that bright colors will be suitable for girls. These colorful shirts help the chubby, more beautiful girl. Especially in the summer, the light-colored shirts also give women a cool, pleasant feeling in the summer.

Denim shirts are one of the brightest shirts, so you’ll be more than perfect when choosing these shirts. Not only is it suitable for the shape of the friend, but this denim shirt is also very fashionable and stylish. You can also create a variety of styles with different styles from this denim shirt.

Collar shirt or plaid shirt is a shirt suitable for skinny women. Depending on the type of shirt you will feel the effect it brings, your body is fat, especially round 1 is also exalted.

With a slim woman, many detailed shirts should be favored. However, don’t overdo it. Shirts that are too wide, too much detail, if not observant, can be counterproductive.

You should avoid choosing too thin material shirts, plaid shirts, armpit shirts. The shirts are too short, tight when choosing you should consider again. These shirts will expose your body defects. If you are a follower of a chiffon shirt, lace should choose a shirt with large textures or a combination of bright colors.

After selecting the appropriate shirts, like, the mix map is also very important. Large belts, big stone faces, light colored pants are fashion items that make your outfit more successful in concealer. You should avoid baggy pants, thick soles and sandals.

To get a fashion suit to conceal a skinny woman is not too difficult, right? Find out the advantages and weaknesses to find ways to choose and coordinate the most appropriate and effective.

Faint with hat styles for outing

In every trip – going out, we always have companion items for our trip to be more decent. Most of the time, when traveling, we always choose for ourselves the suitable set of map. And the attached accessories to further improve the outfit for us to float and have pictures like that. So the indispensable hats in the suitcases of boys and girls. Let us reveal to you some of the best hats for each trip.

Hats used to travel to the Sea

Everyone of us would love to turn. The boys and girls of the city love to go back to the sea to feel the sun and wind, and the salty taste of the sea. Do you know what type of hat is suitable to follow?


Although it was just an accessory, the presence of a wide-brimmed hat became necessary and indispensable for a modern fashionista. Today when walking out of the street, it is not difficult to see someone with a wide-brimmed hat

While protecting the skin from the bright sunlight, it is both stylish and charming, the wide-brimmed hat is really one of the undeniable accessories in the summer. There are rarely any caps that can shield the face to the maximum, reduce heat and cool the skin, absorb less sun rays that are likely to cause skin cancer such as wide-brimmed hats, so this type of hat is often the choice early in the field trip, going to the beach.

In particular, wide-brimmed hats and maxi skirts or bikinis are the indispensable duo for beach vacation. In normal life, the wide-brimmed hat becomes a forgotten accessory even though it is quite stylish and charming because the girls are afraid of being judged as being less charming when using this lovely item to paint. points for his casual style.

Sock hats

The two main colors of the sedge hat this year are light yellow and brown. The style of hats is also quite diverse with the three most common types: flat, wide-brimmed and fedora-wide. In particular, wide-brimmed hats and fedora are especially suitable for pairing with skirts. And the type of sedge hat with flat top, small brim, multi-zi-more energy when it can fit with the skirt can still be combined with dynamic and healthy costumes.

Not as dusty as a baseball cap, not “fancy” like a fedora hat, but the simplicity and intimacy of the sedge hat are the factors that make it easy to combine with many casual style suits. Parallel to the simplicity, the sedge hat is equally gentle and feminine, which helps to press a little graceful, gentle, cute face of the owner.

Top hat with a sunshade

The hat design is similar to the cap, but the part from the top of the head is missing. The wide-brimmed hat cap makes it convenient for you to cover the sun when playing sports, or to stay at sea. The hat shows the modernity, the style is very fashionable for the set to walk the sea. Not only has the effect of shading the sun, creating a sense of ventilation for the hair, this is also a stylish fashion accessory, easy to create accents throughout the set of sea travel.

Hats used to climb the Mountain

The climbing climbing climbing dangerous sunshine makes you very uncomfortable. It is necessary to wear hats for climbing to get more resources for you on each journey. Covering the sun, does not create discomfort but creates safety for users to climb.

Mountain climbing helmet

This ultra-light hat features a thick lining with the adsorption feature thanks to the polystyrene or polypropylene layer, protected with a thin shell structure made from external polycarbonate. The impact force will be dispersed by the elastic cushion. Cones Insurance for climbing activities is recommended by experts when climbing ice, rock climbing, mountain climbing and via ferrata (climbing steep rocky mountains with rope and nails)

– Design brings comfort to climbers
– With light weight and many ventilated slots on the cone, it brings the most comfortable and airy feeling to the users

Hats with straps

Referring to the wide-brimmed hat with straps, one of the hats is very familiar to mountain climbers, or peasants who use these hats for their work. In order to avoid the heat of the face when working. With a hat design suitable for both men and women, it is similar to a duck-ear hat, has a wide brim and especially has a knuckle around the neck to hold the hat fixed on the head. Quick absorbing material creates comfort for the team.

Hat used for Picnic

Picnic, outdoor trips with family outdoors need hats as a natural thing. Users choose the type of hat when going out like this, the element of fashion is one of the quite important things.


Referring to caps, almost everyone has their own hats that are suitable for themselves. With convenience and compact for outdoor picnic with relatives and friends. The design consists of two parts of the round, deep round cap, which surrounds the head, the upper part of the blade protruding the front for sun protection. Appeared for a long time and very crowded with users, every time the hat has more and more modern designs more trendy. So you can choose freely for each of your trips. Whether an anm or a female hat, it is suitable for everyone.


A felt hat is one of the accessories that is popular both male and female. A style of hat that expresses style, strong personality and full of disruptive ways when down the street. When combined with dynamic t-shirts, jeans for the guy. As for her the multi-style dresses, light colors and the felt hat are enough to take up the fullness of the project. Women’s T-shirt jeans are also a suggestion for you to picnic with friends and relatives.

Hats used to go down the street

Every day we have to go to the street or move outside, we need hats. So the hats used are also suitable for the set, and it is convenient for the team to be comfortable walking under the sunshine. Hats for street use are quite a lot of different styles and very fashionable.

Beret hat (beret)

Beret hats and berets are a type of hat that can improve the fashion, make the style for the team. Whether male or female, there are also impressive designs. Is one of the unique design hats different from other hats. Appearing from the 14th and the 15th centuries through every age, the beret has been improved and transformed to become more fashionable. Beret hats combine almost all costume sets. Elegant dresses, jeans, t-shirts, suits, or street style are also combined with this style. When present, the team will create their own new fashion style, luxury, nobility.

Fedora hat

Fedora is a kind of soft, round and longer brim hat than trilby. In addition, the body of the hat is usually slightly concave in. Fedora was first made in 1891 and later became a favorite accessory for both men and women. The hat is timeless and is usually made from cotton or felt fabric, which is also an ideal accessory for most weather conditions. It is often directed towards the head by the team to help users cover their eyes from the sun.

With this style, it is suitable for classic casual style, showing the elegance, politeness, powerful for men. As for women, the suits break the style of office or fashion, set street style clothing is also shown with the hat.


Referring to the cap, we are too familiar and never outdated. This type of hat is almost suitable for all situations, used for what purpose. Being down the street with this type of hat is no stranger to us. Undeniably the personality dynamics of the girls while wearing shorts and a T-shirt. The girls look so cute in that set.

Young people are more and more diversified in the way of coordination, whereby the unique styles of new styles selected by the women combined with conical styles make for more personality and liberal dynamism. The matching costumes are quite easy for boys and girls to choose from. Street style style is quite weak and mixed with diversified and colorful caps.

Hats used for cold country

When you decide on your adventure to a cold climate, you’ve probably prepared yourself the necessary items. Besides, woolen hats add to your fashion style and keep your body warm. Choosing a wool hat for you is not only warm, it also has to offer a sophisticated fashion style.


A special wool hat has many different styles: oval circle, cap is a conical hat, round hat … As a type of hat we often see no part of the blade, the hat has a quite large depth to both cover warm ear, and keep the body warm. Constructed from lines of wool, they are woven together, with smooth, delicate shapes. It is possible to knit by hand or by machine, even though the woolen hat is still soft and gentle in it.

There are many styles of wool hats for both boys and girls to choose from. So when choosing the hat you must know how to mix & match with the map set like okay. The coats are long or short depending on the preference, along with jeans or leggings. Accompanied by gloves, scarves. Pretty many styles for you to choose.

Hat beret – Beret

But today, berets are an indispensable accessory for fashion followers. They are not only popular in the summer, but also in the winter. The elegant, youthful and equally youthful style makes the hat quite easy to incorporate with the outfit. Besides, this type of hat does not cover all the hair so it is very convenient for you to create a variety of bold personality for yourself. Not stopping there, if you are skillful and sophisticated in mixing with small accessories such as eyeglass earrings, bracelets … then be sure that you will look outstanding and impress people.

Hats use hot areas

The trip in hot sunny environment you need comfortable, breathable, quick-drying hats. Therefore, when exposed to the sun, you will get a lot of sweating, so you need it and make your scalp uncomfortable. Let Cap introduce you what types of caps can help you with this problem.

Hat bucket

Is a style that is quite popular among young people about its coolness and play quality. Not only does it give you hight fashion, but it also helps you to protect yourself from the glare of the sun. Depending on each set of items, users often use different types of caps. But in that type of hat is used by most young people, middle-aged people as accessories for their costumes are now quite large. Bucket hat, also known as Bucket hat, has been known for a long time and become this year’s fashion trend. Different types of hats will give you very personal, dynamic and dusty styles.

Snapback hat

Snapback hats are among the unique style hats. The journeys of beard stand are almost indispensable for snapback hats. Thanks to the part of the raft tongue, the dog shines for you, and you don’t get directly into your face. It is a style of hat with a quite different style so the combination sets are mostly set of street style and cool.

The unique feature of a snapback is the front, when your team should pay attention to the way the team respects the look of the hat. Can be perpendicular to the oil, pull the blade upwards in a friendly way or pull down without being too cool. Whether you are male or female, Snapback is a weapon that highlights your personality. yours. So let you know how the team fits and fits the best set.

Fedora hat

The type of hat with the rim is usually preferred for your trip. Shading is a focus of consumers. As mentioned above, we cannot deny the fashion of this hat. Thanks to this hat, users are rewarded with their personality and style. Design brings elegant elegance to users.

Note to choose a hat

– Choose the right hat for each situation
– Choose the hat according to the size of the head
– Choose sweat absorbent fabrics for hot areas. Choose hat fabric to keep heat for cold areas.
– Choose the hat color suitable for each outfit set. Do not choose hats – there are many colorful colors.
– When traveling, pay attention to preservation.
– Avoid folding hats arbitrarily. Fold the dimensional hat of the hat to hold the form.
– Caps should be squeezed onto one side of a backpack or suitcase. Avoid exposing caps to other objects.

How to wear loose tube pants

Wide pants or culottes pants are always favored by the office ladies by all the advantages that shape pants bring: fashionable luxury but maximum comfort.

But also many people are afraid of the main tube by the wide length of the pants that are extremely picky. Without a slender physique, long legs would not have dared to wear loose tube pants.

But it seems that compared to the fashionable and luxurious look that the loose trousers bring to the office women, the problem of handcuffing is only a small, even a trifling matter, because they can still conquer the design of pants. This “tough” is just a few select techniques and very simple pants.

Don’t forget to dress up when wearing loose tube pants

Primitive is a way of keeping things true for every set of clothes and this is even more important when the girls are wearing loose pants.
Even dressed up with winter items, don’t forget to wear a pair of shirts – pants inside and complete with a warm coat outside, like that, the new shape is tall, slim and The look looks more youthful and stylish.

Adorn a pair of leather boots, sneakers or feminine mules are excellent.

Mix with neat, neat shirt

Spacious and comfortable is the advantage that makes the pants loose by all ladies wearing them; But this is also what makes your looks easy to become sloppy and immersed significantly if you don’t mix & match really well.
And the safest way is to combine the items with neat shapes, fit into the body instead of baggy sweaters, t-shirts or jackets that make the appearance look ugly and poor. In addition, the girls do not forget to set up vin to set the map more elaborate, respectful!

Don’t wear pants that are too wide and short

Wide-legged pants can successfully complete their task of covering their slim, slim legs, however, if not carefully chosen, they will make their legs look shorter and “culprit” is nothing. Another is the length of the pants.

If you look up on yourself with loose, wide-legged pants, and the length of the calf, 100% of the looks of the girls will look “short on one piece”. Therefore, the most ideal option is high-leggings, with a minimum length of ankle on the ankle; like that, the legs of the girls look new, their physique is new and tall.

Wide tube pants combined with shoes

Choose a pair of high heels for yourself! A design of loose pants when going with high shoes will be very trendy and stylish. A small hint for you is a 70s square heel high-heeled shoe or a classic low-heeled pointed toe shoe.

If you want to combine loose-fitting shorts and sandals with straps, you should only choose minimalist sandals, only a slender straps, do not choose pairs with long cuffs over ankle. Sandals with high laces will only make you look heavy and destructive in a disastrous way.

Capital of wide tube pants will accidentally cause the legs to be a little shorter, so they should limit the combination with shoes.

With shorts like culottes, you can choose simple shoes like doll shoes, woofers, sneaker or mules… but with high leggings, those like sneaker, round nose doll will not fit a bit. Anyway, that’s not to mention that the legs will be imprisoned, short and visible.

How to draw simple nails for girls

Nail painting is a very difficult beauty art but actually quite simple. If you pay attention and be careful, even if you are a person who has never painted nails, you can still paint beautiful nails. Please join us to find out how to paint nails.

Draw nails so beautiful and unique? How to have attractive nail sets? Learn the basics of nail manicure, so apply nail polish with a brush, how to draw nails with a triangle, how to draw strokes with nail strokes really easily and effectively. In fact, basic nail painting is the easiest way to draw, but if you are more diverse in your style, you should learn how to paint your nails with a brush.

How to draw basic nails

Starting from the simplest basic nail drawing. You can learn more fluently and apply, more variations. From there, make the nail set unique and more interesting. Basic nail drawing is quite simple compared to other ways of drawing.

Step 1: Remove old nail polish

In this step, women use Acetone to cleanse without harming their nails. This is one of the most popular nail polish remover that is considered to be the most popular and trusted to use. However, you need to know how to use acetone properly, to get rid of old paint, and to protect your nails effectively.

In fact, Acetone helps women who want to paint nails can quickly remove old paint colors, but the disadvantage is that the smell emitted is unpleasant and can dry skin. Therefore, users can completely replace this solution by using other nail polish remover that has a milder scent and more moisturizers.

According to beauty experts, you need to take these steps after removing your nails with acetone:

– Pour the acetone solution into a small bowl and warm it up.
– Soak the old nails in the warm acetone solution for about 30 minutes.
– When you see the nail polish begin to melt, you can use your hand to dip into the solution and then gently wipe the nail as well as the skin of the nearby hand.

Step 2: File a nail file

Nail files are an important step in basic nail polish or nail polish. In order to draw beautiful nails, this step is required. Because the shape of the standard nail, the easier it is to choose a beautiful drawing style. When drawing nails with a toothpick, if not, nail files will make your nails so ugly.

– Remove old paint on the nail, use a nail file with sandpaper to easily format the round or square nail tip. Then, you file your nails starting from the center of the nail and then cross to the sides of the nail. It is best to avoid filing nails too quickly and you should only pull the file in a certain way to make sure it does not scratch the nail tip.

Step 3: Clean the excess skin around the nail

An extremely important step if you want to draw your nails beautifully. Basic nail painting can be easy to do but if you don’t pay attention to these details, it will be difficult to have a nice nail.

– Women use lotion or essential oil to soften the skin around the nails. After that, a wooden stick can be used to have a beveled head, then gently remove the excess skin around. You should not use alkaline or scissors to cut the corners often, because the sharp alkaline head will hurt the skin. In return, you can choose to buy wooden sticks exclusively for nail care at cosmetic stores or at a pharmacy near your home. Want to draw beautiful nails, protect the nails well, certainly can’t lack this tool.

Step 4: Exfoliate

This step makes it easier for women to draw nails that can protect their nails, while good nail care will easily enhance the beauty of nail art. In addition, the softer the skin, the brighter the skin, the more beautiful the hands are.

You should use the exfoliating cream to apply to your wrists as well as the backs of your hands to clean and beautify the skin, and then gently massage this skin in a circular pattern to help remove dead skin effectively. With the nail surface, you can use a soft bristle brush to scrub the cleaner. After that, wash your hands and dry. It is very important to beautify your skin by exfoliation, so don’t forget it.

Step 5: Moisturize your skin

This is the final step before drawing your nails. Women should remember to apply the moisturizer very well to your hands and nails, and then combine with the massage movements to relax the couple. Hands comfortable and comfortable!

Step 6: Paint your nails

After a lot of steps to protect your hands as well as your nails, this is the main step to drawing beautiful nails. Women manipulate in 3 basic steps as follows!

– Apply nail polish to the nail. Then apply nail polish to make the nail part stronger, at the same time, to avoid the possibility of yellowing.

– Then cover 1 to 2 main nail polish that you want to choose for your nails

– Wait for the main paint layer to dry and then apply another layer of gloss paint, containing the essence of moisturizing nail

– After all of the above steps, the final nail-painting process is using acetone-infused cotton swabs and gently wipe away the smudged nail polish around the nail edges. Wait for the nail polish to dry completely before working.

Along with nail painting if you want to be more beautiful in people’s eyes, you must know how to take care of your skin. We have introduced you to very effective ways to whiten skin, how to whiten skin at home from nature, such as how to whiten the skin with fruits. Fruits are rich in vitamins and beneficial for the skin. Use fruit as a natural cosmetics to beautify skin very effectively. The way to whiten the skin with the fruit is not expensive at all.

Guide to nail painting with brush strokes

Drawing nails with brush strokes is a way of making meticulous and sophisticated images. Often this way of drawing nails often creates flowers, with subtle strokes done in feats. In the following article, we will share how to draw basic nails with strokes. Although basic but not simple at all! Please pay close attention to the following instructions.

Drawing your nails with a sharp brush will help you adorn your hands more beautiful and gorgeous. The strokes support people to draw even the smallest details on their nails. Different from drawing nails with a brush, draw your nails with a much more sophisticated brush stroke. If you already know how to paint nails with a brush, you will quickly learn how to draw this nail.

The flowers decorated on the nails will bring a feeling like the spring features of women, while highlighting the fragile beauty and graceful beauty, making your nails become unique and soft. than. The lessons of drawing brushed nails in the center of nail training are often very elaborate instructions. Because they can enjoy the majority of flowers, the majority of women use it, but this way of nailing requires high technique, meticulously created small details, lovely but must ensure standards Best.

Here is the type of brush nail painting that you can apply

The red tone represents the passion of love, the couples of the couple, and bold beauty and graceful beauty for your fingernails. The majority of the women shared that they liked the red tone of this drawing because it made the skin look strong, making the nail set stand out and seductive. Please apply this brush stroke method when going out, or dating him to spice up the love for two people, and it also helps you become more confident with your looks. When I’m with you!

Step 1: Paint the red background on your nails

Step 2: You continue to use white strokes to draw roses on your nails.

Step 3: Then, use the brush strokes to paint the diagonal stripes on the nail.

Step 4: Finally, you attach a white bead at the intersection of the diagonal to create more beautiful and sparkling nails.

Step 5: To make your hands more beautiful, you can add red roses to your ring finger yourself. And beautiful hands with beautiful palm-shaped hand-painted nails are beautiful, aren’t they?

In order to draw a brush stroke with beautiful and unique strokes, it requires you to do it with a precise painting operation while doing the same drawing as a toothbrush. Because if you still can not perform smoothly in the above ways, the image is difficult to be beautiful and decisive, images are difficult to convey the artistic message of the image on the nail. Compared to the basic way of nail painting with nails or the way of drawing nails, the method of nail painting with brush strokes may be difficult but if you cleverly use this method, you can easily apply other ways of drawing. . Among the other nail tips we have introduced, basic nail painting will be a premise for you to develop your nail skills.

Instructions for drawing nails with bamboo toothpicks

Draw nails with a toothpick is simpler than you think. If you already know how to draw a basic nail or how to draw a nail brush with strokes, it’s even easier when you use a toothpick to beautify your hand. Let us show you how to draw this unique nail.

How to draw nails with toothpicks that you have used for a long time? Check out the basic manicuring techniques that we guide you below to verify! Other basic nail techniques all require meticulousness and ingenuity to be able to shape accurately and beautifully, but especially with this way of fingernails, even if you are a clumsy, dislike girl The scale is also easily applicable.

The tools you need to prepare to have a set of teardrop-shaped nails are as follows

– 1 bottle of red nail polish
– 1 nail polish jar
– A few toothpicks

The steps for performing nail painting are as follows

Step 1: Before drawing your nails, paint on a nail polish. This paint works to protect your nails so that the paint is colored, but your nails are not affected by chemicals, always strong and ruddy. Note: you need to paint evenly so that the varnish does not clump, it is easy to cause bad on the nail, and also reduce the effectiveness of nail protection. This is a basic requirement for all types of nail drawings that we introduce.

After finishing painting the polish, continue by putting the toothpick in the nail polish jar so that the drops are absorbed evenly over the tips. Should be done gently to make the paint stick on the top of the tip!

Step 2: Slowly bring the dipped toothpick with nail polish toward your face. The drops of paint will slowly fall to the nail. You slowly pull those droplets from the middle of the nail to the outside of the nail like a drawing. When doing this step, the drop of water on the nail will become smaller and smaller.

Step 3: The nail painting process continues with the operation of dipping the toothpick into the nail polish jar. This process repeats the steps of steps 1 and 2 as we have instructed. Meanwhile, the nail polish drops will continue to form streaks on your nails, depending on how you move from your other hand.

Note: thanks to the following drops of paint, you should make the streak size smaller, more narrow to make the image more beautiful!

Step 4: The final step to complete the nail painting process is to dip the tip of the toothpick into the nail polish bottle and then pull a line on the tip of the nail. After that, you apply a base paint on your nails, making your nails more shiny. Complete the drawing on a nail, repeat the same operations on the other fingers! These manicures are quite an occasion, so you can’t remember them all, please use Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phone to remember, smart recording features and both picture and focus. Quick Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will help you remember the steps to do.

Final result: After 4 steps of nail painting with all the same simplicity, you have a very beautiful set of teardrop-shaped nails that anyone can do, including her meticulous, thoughtful, and mixed The clumsy girls can create shapes for their nails to become more sparkling. Besides, you can also beautify your nails by drawing nails from palm or brush strokes. Proficient in how to nail your fingernails, you were able to apply nail polish with a brush, how to paint your nails with a better brush! If compared with nail painting with a simple, quick, and little manipulation of a nail, drawing a nail with a stroke will be a bit more sophisticated, but it is very easy to do.

A set of nails that stand out through the way of drawing nails with toothpicks will help you stand out more and of course when you have beautiful nails, please confidently show off to your friends. The Asus Zenfone Max will help you access facebook quickly, powerful internet connectivity and high-end 13Mp lens of Asus Zenfone Max will help you capture the best pictures to show off to your friends.

See more video drawing nails with bamboo toothpicks

How to draw nails with a simple brush

Those who like nail polish will definitely be interested in how to paint nails with a brush. Drawing nails is not difficult but requires you to have a little skill. A hand with beautiful nails and youthful patterns and colors definitely accentuates your personality.

How to draw nails with a copy of the palm is quite popular today, becoming a new trend, great for her beauty. Moreover, in the basic way of nail painting the use of the brush is easy to learn, creating beautiful and impressive drawings. Because of that, they easily create attractive shapes. If you already know how to draw basic nails, then learn how to paint your nails with the following brush.

Tools for drawing nails with a brush

– Brush the copy

– Nail polish. Please choose the color you like. However in this article we will introduce how to do with the colors: white, yellow, green, plum looking

– Lip balm: For healthy and durable nails, you definitely can’t ignore this tool!

– Gloss: Gloss helps make nail color more beautiful, and more accurate.

How to draw nails with a brush
Step 1: Clean your nails with acetone solutions, then apply a nail polish. The effect of this primer is to keep the nails strong and free from yellowing due to the effects of substances and water during daily operation.

Step 2: Once you have covered the nail with a balm, use purple plum to make the background

Step 3: Take some yellow and white paint, put on a clean surface. Then, using the brush tip, dip it into the two colors, and scan on the paper to blur the line between the two colors.

Step 4: Wait for the base paint to dry completely before proceeding to step 4. You place the pen tip straight on the nail and draw a curve as shown. How to draw nails with the most important brush version is that you have to follow the steps in accordance with the instructions, and note this cycle to ensure durability for the nail.

Step 5: Draw a curved stroke similar to the 4th step.

Step 6: To draw a nail by brush you continue to use the brush tip to draw a round stroke on the nail like the one shown in the picture. And after completing this step, you have completed the tulips on the nail with only 3 strokes. So, this way of drawing nails is pretty easy, isn’t it?

Step 7: Use the scrub brush to create more strokes for the image on your nails to become more vivid.

Step 8: Finally, wait for the nail polish to dry and apply a glossy paint to make the colors durable and beautiful. So you have completed the steps in how to draw a nail with a brush version!!!

In addition to how to paint nails with a brush, you can apply nail painting with a toothbrush, how to draw a nail with a sharp brush. If you like to paint your nails with toothpicks, you need to be careful and prepare tools a little more detailed. However, the beauty of each nail painting is very specific and different. You can learn many ways to draw nails to beautify yourself in many styles. The way of drawing nails with strokes is easy to learn and easy to do. Don’t forget to follow our next articles to update tips quickly and efficiently!

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How to draw basic nails

The basic nail painting method will show you the simplest nail art styles. Basic nail painting is much easier than drawing your hand with a palm or drawing your nails with a toothpick. Today we will introduce you how to draw basic nails that every girl should know.

Compared to the way of using nail polish, the basic way of nail painting is much simpler. After we can help you change your image as fast and effective as possible. Just getting to know these points of nail drawing is basically that you can paint nails with a simpler version of the brush. Before taking these beauty steps, let’s learn some basic information that is extremely important and definitely not to be missed.

Basic nail types you need to know

To proficiently apply basic manicures, you should thoroughly investigate and identify a certain type of nail you want to draw. To determine your favorite type, consider carefully the balance between the following factors: the hand shape, the length of the fingers and the length of the nails. When drawing nails you always have ideas in mind.

In fact, there are currently 5 basic types of nails including: oval nails, square-shaped nails, square nails, round nails, sharp nails. Although there may be different nail fashion trends every time, but mostly still based on these basic nail styles.

Nail tools needed

Not only for basic nail painting, but even if you paint your nails with a nail or nail polish with a brush you need the help of all kinds of tools. To create beautiful nails, properly perform basic nail polish and achieve the desired effect, a full and professional manicure kit will definitely be an indispensable tool. Shop for yourself a full set of manicure tools to be ready to enter the world of nail art really offline! A full set of tools will include the following essential tools: nail clippers, diaphragm presses, nail tools, scissors, files, tweezers, specialized plants to remove excess nail polish on the fingers hand. With the way of drawing nails with toothpicks, you need to prepare more toothpicks. Follow the picture below!

Oval nail

This type of nail is relatively popular, especially beginners can apply the basic way of drawing nails very simple and effective. This nail design is also very popular with women ladies. This type of oval nail brings the most gentle and sleek beauty in all types of nails. Combined with this type of nail is best suited to the feminine paint colors, or the type of light textures or more glitter.

Square nail elected

Square nail is a basic way of drawing nails to help women be more flexible in changing styles to suit their preferences. This is a harmonious hybrid between the type of individual square nails and gentle round nails. In particular, square nails are almost suitable for all nail colors as well as different types of nail painting.

Square footing

Square nails are extremely eye-catching nails, especially with bold, strong, individual colors. This is the type of nail chosen by many active girls. At the same time, this is a classic nail style that is suitable for both ladies and gentlemen who love luxurious and sophisticated style.

Round nails

Round nails can be strong to bring beautiful beauty but equally luxurious and sophisticated. Highlights are round nails that may be suitable for those with long and oblong nail shapes. This is also very easy to apply basic nail painting, but the implementer can also easily transform with lots of different ways of drawing nails with different colors.

Sharp nails

The breakthrough and novelty are the attractions of this kind of sharp nail. Of course, that difference makes it easier to attract the attention of the opposite person. Certainly, the girls who love the prominence and desire to attract the attention of the crowd will not be able to ignore this option. This is also the type of decoration foundation that requires very high in cutting processing. Peeling, and how to preserve nails in everyday life is also very elaborate and elaborate.

One thing to pay attention to the way that you are, when you do nail care, you should also pay attention to the beauty of your skin and skin when exposed to very vulnerable nail polishes, and skin care and skin beauty. Help your hands more soft, white and pink combined with beautiful nail set will make you surprised.
The way to draw basic nails that we have just guided above hope to help women women can take many attractive beauty tips. Also, do not miss our future articles with sharing your nail polish with a brush, how to draw your nails with a triangle, and how to draw your nails with a brush. You will have to be surprised with the spectacular beauty from these brush strokes.

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Unknown things about lipstick history

Since the BC years, lipstick was very popular for both women and men in ancient Egypt. They use lipstick as a symbol of power.

Lipstick seems to have become an essential cosmetics in life, so there was a day for everyone to remember.

Since the BC years, lipstick was very popular for both women and men in ancient Egypt. They use lipstick as a symbol of power. Queen Cleopatra, the most powerful woman of the time, was passionate about lipstick.

However, in the Middle Ages, in Europe, lipstick was banned completely because it was considered for prostitutes as well as the lowest class of society.

Until Queen Elizabeth I era, lipstick was resurrected. With white skin and red lips, this queen’s makeup has become a trendy trend.

In the 18th century, lipstick found its place in the middle and upper classes around the world.

In 1884, Guerlain became the first company to produce commercial lipstick.

However, lipstick became more and more popular when the lipstick tube design was launched in 1923. Since then, cosmetics has become one of the largest industries in America.

In the following years, many different types of lipstick were born, becoming a global trend.

Today, lipstick has become an indispensable spice in the life of women.

Unknown things about lipstick history more with video

How to use lipstick properly

After a while of being restrained by the trend of using lip gloss, lipstick has returned. The following article will give you the principles to use lipstick effectively.

Start with lip balm

Get in the habit of exfoliating your lips once or twice a week. The method is simple: mix white salt with olive oil or almonds, rub the mixture on your lips, rub gently, leave for a moment and rinse with water. Use regular lip balm. Soft lips will bring you a fresh and beautiful look no matter what color you use.

Do not use lipstick too sparkling

Glossy lip color with a lot of sparkling lipstick can make you look a little shiny and not to. Look for lipsticks for smooth, regular lip color. If you want to create a glowing effect, instead of using emulsion, moisturize your lips and add a final lip gloss.

Tips to choose bright lipstick color

Many people have the habit of choosing lipstick color according to skin color. In fact, lip color will work best if you choose, you rely on natural lip color. Women with pale lips will match cherry red or coral red lipstick. If your lips are naturally red, try hot colors like pink, orange, or blueberry color. For women with dark lips, brick red or burgundy are ideal suggestions.

Nude color lips

The nude color lips will look best when you use lipstick with a slightly lighter or darker skin tone. If you are blue and white, use nude lipstick with a light pink color. For those with yellow white skin, or dark skin, choose nude lipstick sand color will be most suitable.

Be careful with dark lipstick

Dark lipsticks, blue or black colors can make you look old, hard, even a little scary. If you like cool, plump lips, choose a color that turns pink and purple.

No need to worry about the lips

The lip-gloss pens are no longer popular because the current lipsticks are hard to blur and the tendency to apply lip gloss too carefully is no longer fashionable. If you have a special and beautiful lip contour, you can accentuate it by using colored lipstick with natural lip color (not with lipstick).

Reduce the edge

Lacky lips with round contours will look more sexy than angled lips. Therefore, instead of painting the lipstick to every corner of the lip, deliberately ignore these corners and replace it with a soft lipstick.

Starting from the middle of the lips

When using lipstick, start painting from the middle of your lips and spread the lipstick to the sides to the corners of your mouth. You should never apply lipstick directly to the corners of your lips if you don’t want your lips to be rough.

Do not use too much lipstick

Instead of putting lipstick on both lips, just use lipstick on the lower lip, purge your lips together so that lipstick attaches to the upper lip, then use your fingertips to fix the uneven color.

Tips for durable lipstick

For a long lasting lipstick, apply the following two-layer lipstick tips: turn on the first lipstick, purge your lips on the napkin, then paint the second lipstick. The use of tissue paper after the first lipstick helps to create a thin lipstick that has good grip as a background, making the second lip fresh, even and long-lasting.

How to use lipstick properly with video

Ways to use perfume properly

Using perfume is an art, people use perfume properly as an artist. To become the true “artist” perfume, please refer to the 5 ways to use the right perfume of “trendy” ladies below. Get to know the exact scent of perfume

In order to best identify the scent of a perfume bottle, many women often put the spray on the nose and smell directly, this turned out to be not true at all.

While the best way to identify the smell of perfume is to smell the fragrance on the bottle. This way of doing it will help her to feel all three layers of incense: the first floor, the middle floor and the last floor of the perfume bottle.

Preserve perfume properly

Normally when buying perfume, the girls will throw away the box and display only a few bottles of perfume on the dressing table and think that this job is completely normal. However, this will make the perfume constantly exposed to intense light, which can easily degrade and lose the original scent.

Meanwhile, the way to preserve the perfume is to keep the box, so after each use, put it in the box. This not only helps to protect perfume from external influences but also has the ability to limit smells and avoid crashes.

Spray perfume properly

If you have used to spray perfume on your wrists until now and rub them together with the desire to help save the scent, then now is the time to give up this habit! Because this method doesn’t work as well as she thinks, it also makes fragrant molecules easily broken, while making the top notes of perfume fade quickly.

Instead, she just needs to lightly touch her wrists or spray on areas that tend to radiate high on her body like her neck, behind her ears, inside her elbows, back… With these positions, Perfume molecules will be diffused and retained longer.

Use perfume according to appropriate circumstances

Many girls often default to just using a perfume for many situations, but this is completely unreasonable! Because using the right perfume at the right time is very important. For example, the hot day she could not spray on her perfume with warm, passionate notes, doing so would be easy to offend people around.

Not only did she perfect her style and personal mark, perfume was also a “piece of jewelry” to help her excel in beauty and attraction in specific circumstances. Therefore, she should not only use one perfume for all circumstances, but know how to combine and use each scent of different fragrances, especially high-class French perfumes, for those Different circumstances to express their own sophistication, sophistication and charm.

With only 5 extremely simple tips above, she has become the “artist” perfume when she knows how to use perfumes to promote the best effect, thereby raising her own style to become into a genuine “stylish” lady.

Ways to use perfume properly more with video

How to choose an outfit for a delicate wedding party

Weddings are a chance to gather together to bless the bride and groom and record wonderful moments. Therefore, choosing a wedding dress is a totally worthwhile investment process.

However, on this occasion, you should consider some important fashion principles to avoid being less prominent or too prominent in the party. Here are 6 tips to avoid the error of choosing the wedding party outfit that the stars use.

1. Avoid white dress

According to the culture of European countries and some Asian countries, white dress is a costume reserved for brides. Therefore, guests avoid choosing white clothes, especially white lace dresses or silk evening dresses. Guests invited to the white dress will be criticized for disruptive behavior. This is a prerequisite rule to avoid because people can confuse you with the bride. Therefore, the girls should choose other colors such as gentle pastel colors or textures.

2. Do not wear clothes revealing lingerie

Weddings are important, sacred meaning that every couple respects. So, no matter how sexy a girl is, you should choose more polite and discreet costume designs.

The first impression is important, so don’t send a bad message to the other person just because you choose the wrong outfit too, revealing your underwear. In order to avoid becoming a vulgar guest, they should not choose a wedding dress with bold cuts in the shoulders of a shirt, collar or a high cut on the thigh.

3. Limit wearing too prominent costumes

Neon colors, sparkling sequin iridescence are not recommended for wedding party attire. Colorful colors make you stand out too, causing glare and subtlety. The best advice for you is to wear elegant colors or just use sequin iridescence to accentuate the overall.

4. Not recommended

According to the traditional concept, black represents loneliness and mourning, so when choosing wedding dress, you should limit this color to wear. Or if you want to wear a dark dress, you need to add other colors to look more harmonious.

Therefore, similar to white, do not just wear a full black outfit but instead add a dotted look like a silver, red or white light accessory. The combination of colors is also a good choice if you are white or black.

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How to apply makeup to each shape of lips

Makeup is one of the essential needs of the sister society. However, most people only focus on brightening skin tone, natural makeup, or choosing lipstick color but forget about beautiful lip makeup. Today, Beauty Document ( will tell you some makeup tips for each lip shape.

How to makeup for small lips

Many people think that small lips is a flaw, it is not so. Many girls own small and beautiful lips. However, a few do not like this, you can apply lip makeup as follows to help lips more plump.

To make your lips thicker, seductive, you should use lipsticks with softer and brighter lipstick. Do not choose a bold lip color as this will make your lips look much smaller. Besides, you should also use more lip gloss and mist to make your lips more sparkling.

How to makeup for oversized lips

Different from cute little lips, many girls have slightly “oversize” lips. With this lip shape, if you don’t wear makeup properly, it will become a defect.

For this lip model, the best way is to create accents for the face in other places by making the makeup stronger than the lips. For example, you can highlight a cheek area or make smoky eyes, and lips should choose a soft nude color.

How to makeup for thin lips

Nothing is difficult with this lip shape. You can help thin lips look better by using a lighter lip color for the upper lip and a darker lip color for the lower lip. After that, you can use the lip liner to beat it evenly, mixing the two lip colors together.

Besides, make your lips more charming, use lip liner to give your lips gentle curves outside your lips. With the best small lips you should avoid lip gloss.

How to makeup for a flat pair

How is the lips flat? The lips are not sized. With this lip shape you should use bold lip color because it will make your lips look flatter and smaller. Ideally, choose a light lipstick with a soft lipstick.

A great idea to help your lips look tighter, use a sparkling highlight in the center of your lower lip and upper lip. Besides, you can also ombre lip color for yourself. Ombre lips are beautiful by using bold lip colors to cover the outer corners of the lips. Then, use a lighter color to apply to the center of both the lower lip and the upper lip. There is also another interesting idea that is to make your lips look fuzzy and sparkling, which will make your lips more plump.

With lip makeup tips that Beauty Document ( has revealed to you above, nothing is going to make you hard right now. No matter what kind of lips you just need to know how to combine, with a little ingenuity and creativity, you can give yourself a beautiful and charming lips.

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How to wear a makeup simple wedding party at home

Wedding party is not only a place for brides to show off, but you also have the opportunity to create an impression. No need to go out to make-up or use fancy party makeup, just be gentle and lovely, you are outstanding enough. Try now the 5 most basic wedding makeup steps, you can do it yourself at home without spending too much time.

How to decorate wedding reception simply with 5 steps

Step 1: Prepare your skin for makeup

Whether you wear makeup right away or at night, clean the skin thoroughly with full cleanser and toner. The cleansed skin will ensure the chalk work, color up to the intended makeup. Moreover, cleansing the skin will always be beneficial during the makeup process.

Step 2: Create a background for the face

Apply a light primer: To protect the skin before using foundation cream as party makeup is often bold and multi-layered. The layer of alkaline oil cream also contributes to make the makeup more lasting.

Create makeup base: Pay attention not to hit too thick. Beat from the middle and spread to the sides. Experts recommend using makeup brushes instead of using makeup to increase the effect of the background. Pay attention to the hairline and ears should also be carefully created.

Careful concealment: In parallel with creating a background of your face, remember to conceal such blemishes as acne, scars, dark circles, and make-up more beautiful.

Using bronze bronzer (bronzer) to shape the face: The technique needs to be quick and definite. If done correctly, you will eliminate the flat and 2D status of the background.

Step 3: Makeup for eyes

Please select eye color based on interests, costumes. Or you can make eye makeup with new makeup trends now.

Eyeshadow: Choose the appropriate eyeshadow color and beat from bottom to top. Stop at the eyelid. Don’t hit the eye too much. Note the eye shadow for both upper and lower eyelashes, should not be missed.
Eyeliner: If you are skillful, you can straighten a line. But if you are not skilled, draw a eyeliner very slowly, starting from the front of the eye. Dotted small broken lines, then spread gradually to create beautiful eye contour.

Sharpening Mascara: Use a small brush to remove clean chalk dust and then apply mascara. Look up to make it easier to manipulate. Sharpen both sides and smooth several times so that Mascara adheres more tightly.

Step 4: Makeup cheekbones

Usually the cheekbones will create accents for your makeup style. Therefore, choosing the color for the cheeks will depend on the style you aim for. There are many colors of blush for you to choose from: coral color, peach color…

How to type suggestions

Freshly smile before starting makeup to identify the cheekbones.

Use the pink cheek brush to get chalk and spread evenly from inside to outside, from bottom to top. Keep the speed of the brush going evenly and gently to make the blush as natural and real as possible.

Note, the cheekbones color needs harmony and evenly with the lip color.

Step 5: Beat son very shimmering

The lips are always the last makeup step. Take a look at your whole face once before you start painting.

Apply the lip balm first, just need a thin layer, just don’t apply too much because you will add a layer of lipstick.

Using the lipstick brush and the front lip, draw the lip frame you have available.

Start painting the lips with the same pattern. And remember to spread lipstick with lipstick evenly, then you can get the lips.

Apply a layer of gloss if you want your lips to be fuller. Only apply in the middle of the lips and spread gently to the sides.

So just with basic makeup 5 steps and basically you can confidently go to any wedding party. However, keep in mind, the overall impression of a harmonious makeup face is to have the same color and overall consistency. Do not take a bit of a part to be affected by the whole face!

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Currently, there are three types of famous and popular smart watches in the world, that’s Miband comes from the Xiaomi brand of China, Apple Watch from Apple – the famous American technology group and Samsung’s Gear – episode Korean famous technology delegation.

Xiaomi Miband smart watch

Miband is a smart wristwatch with

How to choose the exquisite wedding dress costume

Weddings are a chance to gather together to bless the bride and groom and record wonderful moments. Therefore, choosing a wedding dress is a totally worthwhile investment process.

However, on this occasion, you should consider some important fashion principles to avoid being less prominent or too prominent in the party. Here are 6 tips to avoid the error of choosing the wedding party outfit that the stars use.

1. Avoid white dress

According to the culture of European countries and some Asian countries, white dress is a costume reserved for brides. Therefore, guests avoid choosing white clothes, especially white lace dresses or silk evening dresses. Guests invited to the white dress will be criticized for disruptive behavior. This is a prerequisite rule to avoid because people can confuse you with the bride. Therefore, the girls should choose other colors such as gentle pastel colors or textures.

2. Do not wear clothes revealing lingerie

Weddings are important, sacred meaning that every couple respects. So, no matter how sexy a girl is, you should choose more polite and discreet costume designs.

The first impression is important, so don’t send a bad message to the other person just because you choose the wrong outfit too, revealing your underwear. In order to avoid becoming a vulgar guest, they should not choose a wedding dress with bold cuts in the shoulders of a shirt, collar or a high cut on the thigh.

3. Limit wearing too prominent costumes

Neon colors, sparkling sequin iridescence are not recommended for wedding party attire. Colorful colors make you stand out too, causing glare and subtlety. The best advice for you is to wear elegant colors or just use sequin iridescence to accentuate the overall.

4. Do not wear all black

According to the traditional concept, black represents loneliness and mourning, so when choosing wedding dress, you should limit this color to wear. Or if you want to wear a dark dress, you need to add other colors to look more harmonious.

Therefore, similar to white, do not just wear a full black outfit but instead add a dotted look like a silver, red or white light accessory. The combination of colors is also a good choice if you are white or black.

5. Should not wear a party dress with a wild animal pattern

The full set of leopard print wings, snakeskin must not be a delicate choice for wedding dress, on the contrary, it will make you look a bit pompous and bizarre. Leopard prints will help the wearer look more personal, but you should spend it on year-end parties or friend gatherings. Instead, you should choose a evening gown with motifs such as water waves, flowers, leaves to look more elegant when attending the wedding.

6. Do not wear jeans

Young, dynamic jeans suitable for everyday life, walking around. But, you will look extremely “lost” if you go to the wedding in the dress with this material. The style of dusting and the personality of the jeans will make other guests think you lack respect for the party. If you don’t like to wear a dress, a prom dress, a pastel-colored jumpsuit will be a good idea for you.

More reference via video choose the exquisite wedding dress costume

How to choose women’s jeans

Jeans are considered basic fashion items that everyone has. It is loved by the versatility and flexibility in coordinating clothes. But to choose to buy standard women’s jeans, suitable for body shape is not a simple. So when deciding to buy women’s jeans you need to have the basic rules that the Beauty Document will share below.

Choose premium materials

The cost of jeans is high or low depending on the material that makes the product. The quality of denim fabric is most evident in the structure of the left side of the pants. There are two types of jeans: basic and selvedge (with a different color border inside the edge of the pants). Denim fabric is basically the material that is woven from the most conventional process.

Selvedge is a term that is understood as the border on the outer edge of the pants. It helps reinforce the seam as hard as possible. This fabric is woven from shuttle weaving machine with a narrow, high quality fabric and takes a lot more time to weave. Therefore, selvedge denim usually has a high price. Better quality than mass produced jeans.

Instructions for choosing materials

Every time you choose to buy women’s jeans, you only need to fold the pants up to see its reverse. You will see another selvedge border running along the edge of the pants. This image tells us that this is a pants made from high quality materials. So you will be assured when spending a high amount of money to own it.

Elasticity of pants

You should touch the material directly to feel the elasticity of the fabric. You can try stretching and relaxing to see if it will return to its original state. Or after washing the jeans that you bought back to their original condition, not the fabric, it is a quality product.

Often customers always pay attention to quality when choosing to buy women’s jeans. They will choose brand names. Because jeans-specialized brands stand firm and trust their customers, they have done a good job of selecting materials and checking quality before they go to the market.

Check the pants’s back

It is necessary to check the leggings section before buying women’s jeans. There are 3 types of pants, you should know that it is a high waistband with a long waistband.

Instructions for choosing to buy women’s jeans to have a fit backs (waist)

You should identify yourself buying this women’s jeans for any occasion? Although jeans are easy to coordinate with many styles, but not all pants are easy to wear. You are about to wear jeans and a shirt and choose a pair of late pants that will not be suitable. Late pants are a style of fashion but you should be careful to see if your waistband is too sagging or not. When you are sagging, you will reveal underwear inside.

Check seam and accessories

A pair of jeans is beautiful, delicate or not, thanks to sewing threads on the surface of the pants. Beautiful sewing thread will contribute to add aesthetic and quality to the pants. See the seams straight or not? Are the roads only balanced? These two issues will answer the question of whether the pants get exquisite and perfect sewing. In particular, to know more about the seams like, how do you go ahead and try it on people who see the lines that have been bent, warping somewhat. In addition to solid, straight seams in two trouser pants, the hem of the bag, the waistband and the pants should also be checked for perfect sewing.

Check the seam

The seams on each pair of jeans are usually only a double line, rarely a thread 3. On the left side of the seam, the sewing thread is braided into a figure 8. You should pay attention at all places of the pants are the lines only double, left and right, this sign is considered a standard jeans.

Check accessories

Next you should consider the accessories of jeans to see the full. Accessories must be full of nails, buttons, zipper. If the nail is a type, the quality is usually made of copper (reddish light). You should ignore the pants made of aluminum nails or shiny steel or plastic coated. Because when choosing these types, the nails will quickly rust, break or even damage your skin.

Choose to buy a suitable female jeans model

Jeans are easy to wear, but beautiful or not, depending on the body. Choosing a pants with a new look is a must.

Petite body

For small, humble, tall people, buy a flared female jeans at the knee. Or pencil-style jeans, these pants will help make your legs look longer.

Straight figure

For straight-forward girls, tall pants are the preferred choice. High waist jeans will help you show off your long legs that are considered to be the perfect choice. Or you can choose the high waist jeans with t-shirts. Your slim waist will be more attractive.

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How to preserve men’s vests

Men’s vests are usually not (and should not) be cheap, so they are always well kept. suggests you the following effective storage tips.

Vest is an indispensable costume in men’s wardrobe

In addition to those who often wear suits (businessmen, office workers, celebrities etc), even guys who like to choose jeans and sneakers for everyday style also need a suit in their wardrobe. It was the standard dress for important occasions, when the boys poured out the wind to become elegant.

Men’s vests are usually not (and should not) be cheap, they must be the most carefully invested, most valuable, and you will not be surprised by the durability and attraction they bring. That is why vests are always items that need to be carefully preserved. If you want your investment not to be meaningless and your suit always looks like new for years to come.

Use alternately

The first step to preserving your suit is to use alternately or alternatively. If you wear them constantly without letting them have time off, they will quickly lose shape. The time to hang on the hanger is when the suit regains its appearance. In addition, if you do not have time to clean up right away, do not throw them in a dirty basket, but hang in a ventilated place for 1 or 2 days to avoid moisture and keep them dry and clean.

Do not carry too many things

Put a lot of things in the bag (inside or outside pocket, pants pocket) not only losing the suit’s features but also breaking the shape of the costume in the long run, stretching the contour of the bag. A thick wallet in the back pocket or miscellaneous items on the front pocket will accuse you of being a “dream guy” for the first time wearing a vest. The principle is: bring as few items as possible. If you wear a tight-fitting suit, just bring things like cash, credit cards and phones. The vest will thank you very much.

Quick cleaning

Using a soft brush or roller to remove debris and dirt from the suit before washing is the best way to extend the life of natural fibers as well as the fabric material of the costume. . There are stains that are not easily washed away in the water, so it is easier to clean the vest by removing stains before washing.

Hang them up

Choose the type of hook with round and thick shoulders (preferably wooden) to keep the shape of the men’s vest, while creating an open space. No matter how busy you are, never postpone hanging your suit. Stacking T-shirts is a way to keep furniture handy and save space, but folding thick suits that cost a month’s rent doesn’t seem to be a good option.

Choose the type of hook with round and thick shoulders (preferably wooden) to keep the shape of the suit and create an open space.

Steam iron

The dry iron will be too hot and may ignite soft fibers. Use steam iron to smooth the surface of the dress. The steam blooms the fibers and prevents strange odors, while also helping to remove small stains.

Limit dry cleaning

This may sound counterintuitive, because we have always thought that the best way to clean vests is to dry them. However, the fact that dry cleaning reduces the life of men’s vests. You should only go to a dry cleaning store when your suit has noticeable stains and is difficult to clean, otherwise, hang the suit in a well-ventilated place, clean small stains with a little water and ( ironing) steam is enough.

How to wear a nice men’s vest

Vest wedding dress is the top popular costume when couples take wedding photos as well as party feasts. Therefore, the way to wear beautiful men’s vests is a matter of great interest by many groom.

How to wear a nice men’s vest

In order to have a nice men’s vest, besides choosing colors and textures, you should also keep in mind the points we mention below.

Make sure the position of the shoulder pad is fitting, if the gap between the collar of your vest and the collar of your shirt appears, the vest doesn’t wear the standard size. Do not put your hand into the pocket, it will cause the bag to become too fast to delay your mouth, it may tear if you have strong hands, instead, put your hands in the pockets of your pants. The vest should be long and cover the buttocks and lock the pants. The length of the sleeve is absolutely no longer than the wrist, can be shortened if too long.

Note for shirt buttons

Men’s vests usually have 1 to 3 buttons. A one-button vest suitable for guys under 1m75, is the top solution for the groom who wants to conceal the height. The 2-button vest is a safe choice, suitable for many circumstances from the party, Meet partners to make wedding vests. The 3-button vest helps balance the silhouette, he will look much more elegant, mature in big occasions.

The white wedding vest hugs a classic button that is stylized by the black collar which adds to the youthful appearance of the wearer. How to wear a nice men’s vest is when you button the shirt, you should only install one button on (for 2 buttons) and the middle button (for 3 buttons).

These buttons should also be on or at the navel position.

How to choose the lapel vest for beauty?

Lapel is the V-shaped collar of the suit. There are many types of lapels ranging from thick, medium to thin, with many long or oval shapes. Luxurious, expensive wedding suits often have small and higher V-necks on the collar. This is a classic vest style, which helps guys look elegant in any occasion. Older men will match the traditional large lapel, while small, modern lapels are suitable for young, active grooms.

Experience in choosing shirts

When working at the office, you should choose plaid or checkered plaid shirts in the same monochromatic tones, should not choose flashy colors or more patterned shirts. It is best to choose bright or neutral colors, avoid wearing too dark colors that will make you older before age.

For people with dark skin, choose colors such as dark green, blue gray. Elderly people who choose low tones on a smooth fabric will be more decent and elegant.

When going to a party, you should choose youthful shirts, short sleeves with jeans or khaki, light colors depending on the age. You can choose shirts with many patterns, but pay attention to the color of the pants must be in the same tone so that they are not glare.

When buying shirts, you should choose reputable brands in the market like Gendai, don’t buy floating products. Currently, Vietnamese fashion firms have beautiful shirts for men with standard shape sewing technology, suitable for Vietnamese physique. When buying, look closely at the left side of the shirt to see if the seam is sharp. It is important to choose fabric material that is suitable for the weather, not creasing when washing and quickly getting old.

There are many ways to coordinate shirts and ties when you come to work. If you choose dark-colored pants, your shirt should be light or neutral and your tie in the same color as your shirt or pants. With a plaid shirt, you should not choose a tie with a pattern or a pattern that will be messy. Conversely, a shirt with a plain cloth should not choose a tie that is too monotonous in color.

The shirt is a polite, elegant outfit, always giving an elegant style to men. While it is widely used, choosing a shirt that suits each person is not a small affair.

Shirt quality

Quality is reflected in the fabric, stitch stitches and applique on the shirt. Shoots and collars can also tell you if the shirt is good or not, shoots-sec must be hard, flat and free from blisters.

Shirt colors

Traditional colored shirts like white, black or gray are easy to use in many different situations and easily combined with other outfits.

If you have many shirts to change, you can extend the range of colors. Pale pink men are quite selective. It seems that the color is only for women, in fact, the pink male shirts when being male-made will make an impression and it is important not to lose the masculine look.

Striped shirts are a good choice for masculine, strong looks. Just remember one principle: Thin people should not wear dark or large stripes, fat people should not choose too flashy colors, or horizontal, and big guys.


There are three common types of neck shirts for the most commonly broken down shirt, neck and neck, which are traditional and long-necked styles that are often seen in stylized and fashionable shirts.

The neck with a button is an ancient style, but the two sides are attached with two buttons in order to fix it on the shirt. This is appropriate when you wear a tie.

Round neck type has two circles in the circle. In addition, there are 2 to 3 cm high necks from the base of the neck and do not bend.

Collar is a very important detail, contributing to creating different styles. A medium-high, not too wide neck shirt will compensate for a small face; while a low neck will make the face longer and longer.

The shirt fitted must have a tight neck. You can try by inserting your thumb inside the collar, if it does not suffocate you, it is considered moderate.

Width – length of the shirt

A shirt is considered beautiful when it hugs the wearer’s shoulders and back. In addition, the armpits must be very comfortable, when stretching forward or backward do not feel excited. The shirt will be very tight if you have a mysterious feeling behind your back.

If you intend to put your shirt on your pants, make sure it is long enough so that even if you move all day, the flaps will not stick out. If you intend to remove your shirt, the length doesn’t make you short or short.

Sleeve length

This is a very important factor, too long sleeves will be slack in the wrist, creating a sloppy feeling; and if it is too short, it will create a feeling of being inferior. Ideally, the length of the right sleeve ends at the beginning of the thumb, so it is really balanced.

Finally, you should have shirts that can be used in many situations. If the budget is not too much, skip the colorful shirts and strange patterns. Instead, choose one-color shirts like white, black or gray.


Last but not least, you should choose shirts that can be used in many situations. If the budget is not too much, skip the colorful shirts and strange patterns. Instead, choose one-color shirts like white, black or gray. They are traditional colors, easy to combine with other colors and can be worn in many situations.

Reduce belly fat by shaking the ring

If exercises such as Plank, Abdominal or Yoga require high technique and are slightly difficult to implement, shaking the ring is a simple method of reducing belly fat which many women choose today. But does it reduce belly fat as you have been told?

Shaking the ring will reduce belly fat?

Shaking the ring is a feminity exercise that is choose by many people

If you do not have much time for the gym, shaking the ring is the perfect choice to regain a slim and toned body quickly without the need to abstain or exercise too much.

When you shake the ring, the body moves in a circle, the muscles in the abdomen, hips, buttocks, arms and legs are active so it will help you quickly burn the extra fat inside, thus helping the abdomen and waist more compact. However, to achieve the best weight loss effect, you should do it about 30 minutes regularly 3-4 times / week.

Not only that, ring shaking is a suitable weight loss method for women who have butt and bosom small. By move around the abdomen and gradually descending the buttocks in combination with raising the arms, swaying with the movement of the ring will make the ring 3 and 1 firmer. But, you need to persist in practicing for a period of time to feel the effect.

How to reduce belly fat effectively by shaking the ring

Reducing belly fat by shaking the ring properly must first follow the movements. Before training, it is advisable to start to warm up, then stand upright, back straight, legs set shoulder-width, right hand holding ring on waist, arms spread out. Next, use your legs and shoulders as a cylinder, push your hip and waist around in a circular motion.

When you first practice, you can practice each time short, shake it slowly and slowly so your body can adapt to the movements of the ring. Once you get used to it, you should gradually increase your speed to achieve the fastest weight loss effect.

1. Stretch your back muscles

This is a movement that helps your back and spine more flexible and flexible. You just need to hold the ring on the back and lean back as much as possible. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then return to your upright position. Do it about 10 times then move on to another move.

2. Exercise your hip muscles

This action is quite simple, you just need to put the ring close to your back, arms wrapped around the ring and then tilted to the left and right.

3. Stand in the front

Standing in the front after shaking the ring helps your body burn about 400 – 600 Kcal per hour. So when you shake the ring, try to combine this movement for about 10 minutes to reduce it to 80-100 Kcal.

4. Legs wider than shoulders

With this movement, if you practice regularly, you will quickly regain your hourglass shape after only 3 months of practice.

5. Stand up and down

Not only do you increase your heart rate, increase blood circulation, stand up and down, but also help your thighs become slimmer. It is one of the difficult moves, so when you begin to practice, the ring may fall down. A secret to help you do this is to simply lower yourself to a low enough level to hold the ring on your waist.

6. Passing round

This is an exercise to reduce belly fat suitable for people who do not know how to shake. You just need to lower the pillow, hold your legs firmly to make the pillar rotate the upper body.

In addition, passing the bracelet from one hand to the other not only helps to move the muscles in the waist but also helps the arms firmer.

7. Footsteps, rotate

To do this, you need to bend to your knees, one hand is perpendicular, one hand is straight to rotate.

Some notes when shaking round reduce belly fat

Excessive exercise, reducing belly fat without a scientific schedule not only makes your body feel tired but also affects your health and weight loss effects. Therefore, you should practice regularly 3 – 4 sessions per week, about 30 minutes each time.

Choose a ring that is the right size for your height and weight. Selecting a ring that is too big or too small can cause some waist injury when exercising.

The practice space should be spacious, airy, not entangled.

Time is considered to reduce belly fat best before eating, so when you shake the ring you should not eat too much. However, you should not leave your stomach hungry to practice because it can affect the digestive system.

Women during menstruation should not shake the ring. The movement of the ring in the abdomen, waist and buttocks will make you feel sluggish, abdominal pain.

When practicing, choose clothes with good elasticity, not too tight.

Ring shaking is a simple weight loss method that is easy to perform but is capable of burning excess fat effectively. However, whether or not shaking with belly fat is reduced depends on whether the exercise is correct. Besides, you can combine walking, aerobic dancing and have a diet to reduce belly fat, lots of green vegetables and fiber so that round 2 is always slim and balanced!

How to tie beautiful shoelaces

Depending on the different styles, you will also have countless ways to tie beautiful shoe laces. For believers who love sneaker shoes, a beautiful pair of shoes is a work of art, and the one who wears those shoes is the artist.

Because, even from the smallest details such as shoelaces are also very carefully cared for. A nice pair of shoes will not be able to exude all of your inherent beauty if you don’t know how to match your shoes properly, and if you don’t know how to tie beautiful shoes, those shoes will also become useless. same normal.

How to tie Criss-Cross fishbone sports shoes

This is the most popular way of tying shoelaces for most sports shoes, sneakers like Vans old skool, Converse, Nike or Adidas… With simple, comfortable, easy-to-follow features, how to tie this shoe This will save you a lot of time while ensuring your shoes are always beautiful.

Not only that, with this type of sport shoe laces, you can also easily adjust the width or tightness of the shoes to match your feet.

1: Put 2 ends of shoelace straight through the first hole in the horizontal line in the direction from the bottom up.
2: At each hole, cross the rope from one end to the other. If you choose the right wire above, the left wire will be below, like that until the last hole.
3: After you have tied the rope through the piercing in turn, you just need to fasten the shoelace and tighten it to make sure it is finished with the fishbone shoelace.

How to tie sports shoelaces in straight / horizontal style

Those with thick insteps will often find it difficult to slip on their sneakers. This way of tying shoe laces in a straight line will make it easier to wear shoes.

Besides, with limited tying of cross corners, thereby reducing the pressure on the toes, this way of tying the shoe will also make your feet more comfortable and comfortable, even if you have It is not a problem to be active all day.

1: The first is still to move the two ends of the wire through the hole in the first horizontal line but in the direction from top to bottom.
2: Put the left shoelace into the next side hole from the bottom to the outside. From this position, you thread the wire through the hole in the same row on the opposite side.
3: Move the string on the right, ie the rope is on the inside of the shoe, how to test 1 hole (3rd hole on the same side) and then put the string through the opposite hole.
4: Keep repeating this method for the shoelaces to reach the last pierced hole and then tie the knot.

How to tie the shoelace diagonally upwards

This is the type of shoe strap to be modified from the type of Criss-Cross so the implementation is quite simple. This type of tie also helps your shoes to avoid fraying when tied, thereby increasing the life of the shoes.

B1: Pass the wire through two holes in the first horizontal line in the direction from top to bottom
B2: Continue to turn through the next shoe hole in a way that will cross each other. Turn like that until the last hole and then tighten it.

How to tie sports shoelaces to create openings

This type of shoe laces used is also quite popular because it not only guarantees time but also brings the unique, impressive for your shoes.

By creating openings in the shoelaces, how to tie this athletic shoelace will help your instep to be relaxed comfortably, your ankles will not be pulled too tight. Therefore, this is a beautiful type of shoe laces suitable for those who play sports or practice for a long time, continuously.

1: It is still the step of passing through the hole in the first horizontal line in the direction from the bottom up
2: Cross each other like a way to force Criss-Cross to create the first X, stop.
3: Straighten the shoelace through the side hole of the side to create an opening
4: Continue to cross the shoelaces in the Criss-Cross style to create the next X
5: After tying to the last pierced hole, tie the shoelace securely, not opening it.

How to tie Western shoelaces in a straight European style

In addition to the ways of tying shoelaces, Western shoes should also be tied in a neat and luxurious way. With a straight-on and cross-tie style on the inside, this way of tying will make the shoes fit snugly into your feet, which is perfect for tying Western shoelaces like Oxfords or Brogues.

1: Straighten the wire through the first hole in the horizontal line in the top-down direction.
2: Put the wire on the left into the second hole on the opposite side from inside, then put the piercing hole in the opposite row from the outside.
3: Put the right wire through the 3rd opposite hole from the inside, then put the wire through the opposite hole on the same level from the outside.
4: Continue to knit like that until the last hole and tie the knot.

How to tie high-necked Converse shoelaces with strings

This way of tying the concealed shoelaces will make the high-heeled shoes like the converse more neat and easier to match. Especially the way of tie is quite simple, anyone can easily implement.

How to tie high-neck converse shoelaces to hide the strings

1: Pierce Criss-Cross-style shoes until the end of the pierced holes

2: Push the right wire into the left hole in the direction from the outside to inside (this time there will be two wires at the same hole)

3: Pierce the left wire at the beginning of the opposite right hole in the direction from outside to inside (this time two wires will be on both sides of the piercing)

4: Turn the right and left strings neatly and stuff it inside the shoe’s neck and complete the style of hiding the strings for high-neck converse shoes.

Just now are very beautiful and very simple shoelaces that anyone can make. With just a few steps, you can “transform” your shoes to be new and unique. So what are you hesitating about, but don’t try these styles of tying up the shoelaces right away and choose the right outfit and then kick the street with friends.

Guide to choosing basketball shoes

Playing sports we have to exercise a lot, from the brain, hands, body and especially the legs. Basketball is no exception.

This article will provide some useful information for those who are passionate about basketball, on how to choose the right basketball shoes and some good, quality, and beautiful models of basketball shoes suitable for people. semi-professional.

1. Choose the size of basketball shoes like?

Each foot is constantly changing its size, most noticeably in growing children. Sports in general or here is basketball in particular the most important is comfort. So choose basketball shoes that fit, hug close to your feet, do not cause discomfort when moving as well as in the typical dance operation, grounding of the game.

2. Structure of basketball shoes

The durability of basketball shoes depends on the material that makes it and the important parameters related to shoe soles, cushions, shoe bodies and … frequency of use (of course, right). If the shoe body is leather, leatherette, heat press, it can live better in many different conditions. Shoe soles please pay attention to the thickness and it will be good when you play the outdoor yard if flat as well. For the indoor courtyard, choose a fringed base.

3. Price is also an important factor when buying basketball shoes

People say what money they have but objectively speaking there are still many exceptions. Important we should be wise consumers.

Although not a professional, but before that, there are some types of basketball shoes I am very happy to think about sharing for people to refer. Friends, partners, customers who play basketball, BELO itself, who sell these basketball shoes, found that the following 3 brands are very popular and have many points to impress buyers.

Instructions for choosing sports shoes

Choosing a suitable pair of sports shoes can improve your practice and avoid injury. Remember the following suggestions when choosing to buy your sneakers.

If possible, choose to buy from a specialized sports shoe store. Such stores will provide a full range of shoes with special features that specifically support the sport you need. Often specialized stores will cost a bit higher, but are worthwhile, especially for regular sports players.

Try out shoes after you practice or jog and at the end of the day. At that time, the foot will be at its largest size.

Bring with you the type of socks you will use when playing sports. When wearing shoes, you can freely move your toes. Good sports shoes should create a feeling of comfort right after the first wear. No need for a new time to get used to. Walk or run a few steps with shoes, they must give you a pleasant feeling. Always put on your shoelaces when trying.

Check the heel. Make sure you don’t slip your heel when you go or run. If you play a sport more than 3 times per week. You should look for a dedicated sports shoe. You may find it difficult to choose when there are too many sports shoes on the market. There are differences in design, used materials and weight of shoes. These differences are designed to protect the best legs in each specific sport activity.

Sports shoes are used in groups

Jogging, training and walking. Includes hiking, jogging and fitness (short range) courses. For shoes to walk, you should find the type with the upper part (upper) is relatively soft, has the function of reducing shock, the foot part is elastic and flexible according to the movement of the foot when moving. Stable heel and relatively light weight.

Sports on the field: Including shoes for tennis, basketball, volleyball. Most of these sports require the body to move up and down and back and forth continuously. Therefore, shoes also have to endure very strong impact forces. The thing to note when choosing shoes for these sports is shoe soles.

Land sports: Includes soccer and baseball shoes. These shoes often have cushions, studded spikes or nails to increase grip. They may have different designs depending on the sport but in general can replace or disassemble the spikes and nails attached to the nylon sole.

Outdoor sports: Includes shoes for recreational sports activities such as hunting, fishing, sailing.

Special sports: Includes shoes for golf, aerobics and cycling.

Sports require specialization

According to the specific requirements of each athlete, the athletic shoe companies provide a variety of designs for each type of foot, each type of exercise and different training methods.

Know about your sneakers

If you play a sport more than 3 times a week, a dedicated sports shoe is needed. Remember that after about 500-800km of jogging or 300 hours of athletic activity, the cushioning materials in the shoes will be worn out and no longer work, that’s when you should consider buying a new pair of shoes.

Clever decision

With the explosion of sport in the past few years has led to a boom in the production of sports shoes. While customers in the 1960s had only one option, “sneakers” for all training purposes. Now consumers have to choose between hundreds of brands and styles of sneakers designed for all sports and activities.

You may be overwhelmed by hundreds of choices. Especially when sports shoe brands always introduce new models with more advanced technology every year. The advertised shoes seem suitable for most sports. A shoe brand cannot meet everyone’s requirements. An expensive sports shoe with all the features will definitely not be a suitable option if you need a dedicated shoe.

The information below will help you identify a pair of shoes that suit you, will definitely make you more comfortable while training and minimize injuries. Information includes what you should pay attention to when looking for a pair of dedicated sports shoes, features that help comfort and prevent injuries, how to find a pair of shoes that fit properly.

Jogging shoes

If you think normally, a pair of running shoes needs shock-absorbing buffers, but there are some who suggest that the shock absorber should be minimal and virtually no cushion. There is no data to prove which shoes are better. But if you choose shoes with shock-absorbing padding for the entire legs and heels to stabilize. Although not entirely, these features may help prevent leg pain, tendinitis, heel pain, pressure fractures and many overuse syndrome due to overuse. . You can read more about the principles of choosing running shoes to get more experience choosing shoes for this sport.

Walking shoes

If walking is your favorite sport or a doctor’s advice when treating cardiovascular. Wear a light sport shoe. If you find a pair of shoes with added shock-resistant cushioning on the heel, especially the concave, will help reduce heel pain. A pair of shoes with an outsole with a steam or bow may also help to soften the weight from the heel to the toes while reducing the forces that directly affect the foot.

Aerobic shoes

Aerobic training shoes should be light enough to limit leg fatigue and have a cushion below the front part near the toe because it is the most stressful place. If possible, you should practice on a thick carpet.

Tennis shoes

Tennis players need a pair of shoes that support responsive movement and constant weight change. A pair of shoes with frames both inside and outside the feet is an important requirement.

Basketball shoes

If basketball is your sport, you need to choose a pair of shoes with thick and hard soles. This brings stable use when moving. A pair of high-neck shoes can add support but will not reduce the risk of ankle sprains or injuries.

Shoe size

The best shoes in the world will not help you if it does not fit your feet. You can find a specialized sports shoe store for the sport you are playing to get the most thorough advice.

In short, choosing a suitable sports shoe depends a lot on the feeling of the wearer than on the parameters available on the shoe or you measure from the foot. So the best way to find a pair of shoes is whether to practice any sport or simply fashion, you should try it before you buy. In case there are no conditions to take the place to try, choose a store that allows return shipping.

Instructions to help you choose to buy jeans

In fashion, basic jeans must be available and deserve your investment because it can be used in many cases and for a long time and this is the most effective way of saving.

Classic, dusty and liberal, jeans are never a fad thing, despite competing with so many fashion trends.

It’s so cool, but finding a standard pair of jeans, helping to shape and match the style is a question that both sides have to headache. A nice jeans need to gather enough elements from durability, aesthetics and especially to bring comfort to the wearer. Here are ways to help you find the perfect jeans battle.

Shape jeans

For jeans for women, there are 4 popular styles of skinny jeans, slim (moderately tight pants on hips and thighs, slightly wide pants), straight jeans (also known as stand-up jeans, It has a vertical design, pants are wider than slim jeans) and finally boyfriend jeans (wide pants, low pants, slightly masculine). Depending on the physique and fashion style, you can choose for yourself the best fit.

For girls with modest height or skinny physique, a slim jeans or straight jeans will help you cheat in height as well as covering skinny leg blemishes. Boyfriend jeans will please girls like dusty and chubby girls. On the other hand, skinny jeans will help girls with long, slender legs show their advantages.

Leggings of Jeans pants

In addition to the overall look of the pants, we need to pay more attention to the waistband of the jeans. High or low pants will greatly affect your appearance. High leggings have proven to be effective with the ability to cover the second round less tapered, crown the third round and help the legs look longer. Meanwhile, low pants will help create a more balanced feeling for girls with inverted triangle shape – large upper body but small thighs and hips.

Size of jeans

A pair of jeans will not be perfect if it doesn’t fit your body. Everything will be simpler when you can go to the store and try it out. However, for busy girls, how to choose the right size of jeans when buying online is a difficult problem.

First, you need to know your exact measurements including: waistline, hips, leg length (depending on the length of your bear’s beard), ankle (to help determine if your pants are not too wide or tight ). The more you know, the more data you have to compare with the store’s size table. Also, don’t be afraid to share the measurement results with sellers so they can advise you.

Fabric material

Fabric material is something we are less interested in buying jeans. However, this is a factor that reflects its durability, elasticity and comfort. You can get “standard” jeans when it has at least 90% cotton and a small portion of elastane (material that helps elastic jeans well).

Washes of jeans

If you love colorful, torn jeans washes, you should accept that their color fastness will be less than regular smooth jeans. Because of that, washes jeans, torn must be exposed to chemicals as well as undergo more step-by-step production. Therefore, they will fade easily over time during use. In return, this type of pants gives you a dusty, individual appearance while classic color slippery pants are easy to combine with many costumes.

Length of jeans pants

In addition to choosing pants with waist, hips and thighs, the length of the pants will determine how you look when wearing those jeans. Wide-legged, high-heeled jeans fit for tall, slender girls and bring a classic, elegant look. Conversely, shorter pants or just touching the ankles when wearing high heels will help her to “cheat” her height significantly.

Pay attention to every little detail

Last but not least, you should pay attention to small details such as sewing thread, bag and washes color. When you arrive at the store, you need to look closely at the stitches around you and make sure it is sewn firmly and without only subtle connections. Scratches on the pants are also the points you should consider because it proves whether the pants are of quality or not.

Next to that is the front and back pockets of pants. The front pocket if sewn into the back of the pants and zipper will help the pants straight and more respectful. Meanwhile, the back pocket of the pants is usually printed with a brand logo or motif, only different in color. Consider this if not you don’t like exposing details on your pocket after wearing a crop top or shirt.

Notes when choosing children’s shoes

Often parents are excited when deciding to buy shoes for babies. However when is the right time? What kind of shoes are suitable? And because children are developing, what should be considered when buying shoes for babies?

To solve the above questions, please refer to when choosing the shoes for each baby according to the appropriate age below for more experience to take good care of the baby!

Why pay attention to children’s shoes

You may not think that baby shoes will affect the development of baby feet for many years afterwards. However, the fact that many problems with feet are derived from shoes at a young age. And when the defects have been revealed, improvement may be much more difficult than choosing a pair of shoes that are fit, firm and airy from now on.

Children learn to have cows that need shoes

At this stage, children should go barefoot to become familiar with the feeling of contact and practice balance. Children are learning to crawl so their legs need to be free and comfortable as much as possible. In case you take your baby outside and want to wear shoes for them, you can choose soft leather socks or shoes for toddlers. Note that children ‘s feet sweat more than adults, so baby socks or shoes should be made of breathable material.

Kind of shoes for toddlers

Toddler shoes should be flexible but firm, breathable, fit. A pair of rubber, slip-resistant, flexible and ventilated loafers will be the ideal choice. By the time of birth until the age of 5, the joints of the baby are still forming, so if the legs are not well supported, the joints can slide up to deflect the baby’s bones.

Children run a lot and move constantly. Should choose shoes for babies?

Now she needs a stronger pair of shoes. The heel should be thicker and the nose should be more flexible. This is the stage of the child’s feet growing fast, so ideally you should review the size of your baby’s foot every 3 months to check if the current size of the shoe is still suitable for the baby.

In general, shoes for young children need to be light and flexible so that the feet are comfortable to move. Breathable shoe insoles and shoes with good bearing capacity.

And finally, you decide to choose the right and fit shoes for your child, give them shoes to try to walk and observe their attitude to see if they are comfortable. Hopefully the information above will help parents.