Keep your lips beautiful in the winter

When the weather is freezing, lips pale, cracked and lack of vitality is what makes many girls worried.

The reason for dark, ruddy lips in the cold season is mostly lack of moisture.

Moisturize lips anytime anywhere

If the wallet is the separation of the boys when out on the road, for girls, it’s the lipstick. Besides color lipsticks, you don’t forget to bring lip balm, especially in the cold season. Suggested for girls is a LipIce LipPure stick with 100% natural ingredients such as honey, jojoba, almond, avocado bean oil, aloe vera extract to moisturize the lips deep inside.

Another important note is not to lick your lips; because this action makes the lips feel smoother, but in fact makes the crack worse.

Never lick your lips to avoid dryness or cracking

Not only the skin, but also the lips are affected directly from the sun. To protect the appearance of vitality, you can use vitamin E rich lip balm and sun protection. Fruit LipIce contains SPF 15 that both moisturizes lips and protects against sun damage, suitable for everyday use.

Drink enough water

Drink at least 2 liters of water a day so your body doesn’t become dehydrated during the winter days. Besides, it is also necessary to balance the diet accordingly, adding more fruits and vegetables to increase vitamins, iron and essential fatty acids.

It is also important to use products that help keep your lips hydrated. You can use LipIce Water Lip line with the optimal moisturizing formula from Super Hyaluronic Acid (with 1 g SHA capable of holding 12 l of water), collagen. In addition, SPF 20 and PA ++ in Water Lip also helps the lips avoid the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays in the sun.
Girlfriend should have enough lip balm before going out. Wear a mask when going out

Cold winds, dry weather made lips dry and discolored. Before leaving the house, girlfriends don’t forget to wear masks to protect your lips. Apply a layer of moderate lip balm to keep lips smooth, ruddy, without peeling.

Elasticity recovery

After a long day, the lips are greatly affected by the environment and need to be restored. To nourish soft lips, you can apply LipIce Sleeping Mask before bed and use a soft towel to remove dead skin the next morning. Moringa Oil, SHA and vitamin E essences will help your lips become incredibly smooth and supple.