Principles of choosing winter outfits

Not being thick is warm and not being fragile is beautiful. When winter comes, the harmonious combination between fashion and weather becomes even more important. Therefore, you and K&K Fashion firmly grasp the 6 principles of beautiful winter wear below to retain the trendy fashion style despite the cold.

Wearing a lot of clothes to keep the body warm in winter sometimes makes you feel heavy and depressed by the thick, hard-to-move, moving and unfashionable outfits. However, to be both warm and fashionable is not difficult, do not be discouraged, just remember these 6 things, you will always be a true fashionista.

Principle 1: Pay attention to the short length of the dress

No need to argue about this principle very much because regardless of hot or cold weather, the length, short of the costume also determines the comfort and “beauty” of the outfit you wear. So before deciding what you need to consider carefully, especially when crowded, when you easily make mistakes using fashion beauty despite the weather.

If she loves the youthful, stylish, a long-sleeved shirt or T-shirt combined with a waistcoat or a badger jacket would be the perfect choice.

If you like the elegance and elegance of office style, you can mix a simple dress with a badger jacket to look more elegant.

Principle 2: Do not wear more than 3 layers of clothing

Wearing layers makes you warmer, but it also makes you more sloppy and heavier. Wearing up to 3 layers of clothes is considered reasonable, just enough to keep warm and just enough to be “beautiful”.

Instead of wearing too many layers of clothing to make your body become voluminous, choose for yourself the coats with thick materials such as bamboo shoots, badgers, vests … will make you warm enough but still keep. The most fashionable and fashionable style.

Principle 3: Create contrast in colors

The simplest way to eliminate the pale, poor colors of winter is to combine the contrasting colors on the clothes are subtle and different. The combination of fancy colors or elaborate motifs is what makes your standout anywhere.

Contrasting colors, different fabrics in the same set of clothes will give you a really fresh, youthful image, attracting the eyes of the opposite, becoming a true fashionista.

However, to be truly fashionable without being a showy parrot in the middle of the winter, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your outfit color. For example, do not mix more than 3 colors on a set of clothes, using neutral colors as the background.

Principle 4: Combine clothes to respect your appearance and improve your height

Winter clothes always pay attention to the weather, so most of them take the thickness and length of the costume as the main point. This is also the reason why your height when crowded will tend to “decrease” if you do not know how to coordinate and choose items that help increase your height or at least keep your height high.

The lightweight, warm enough outfit is a simple way to ensure your height, of course, you can not ignore the vertical patterns to lengthen your legs as well as the delicate but delicate dress. Beautify your physique.

Principle 5: Be really comfortable

Fashion is not restrictive, it doesn’t always make you beautiful, only when you feel comfortable with your outfit will you have enough confidence to show all your inherent beauty. Therefore, after the fashion factor, after the weather factor, the comfort and comfort still largely determine the fashion beauty you want.

With the majority of spacious designs, long enough, the comfort is not difficult to achieve. You just need to define the boundary between comfort and sloppy, and you will own the desired set of clothes.

Principle 6: Do not combine clothes with the same style

This principle is understood not to combine too many types of skirts / tops with similar designs in an overall outfit. For example: If you choose to spread your skirt, you should not combine it with a bohemian vest or ghile, not wearing Ovesize with Oversize pants. Be smart in choosing and coordinating each dress, shirt together.

Just remember and apply the 6 principles of dressing well when selecting and dressing smartly, then surely this winter for you will be a brilliant, outstanding and warm winter.

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