Winter skin care

Nursing winter skin in dry weather, low temperature and humidity cause skin to become dehydrated, leading to dryness and cracking, causing pain, discomfort and affecting aesthetics.

If you do not know how to prevent and care for your skin properly, it will cause the skin to become dry, rash, itchy rash, and can cause abrasion, infection.

Keep warm

During the winter, it is necessary to keep the body warm and the areas of skin that are frequently exposed such as the face, hands and feet by wearing warm clothes, using gloves, socks, shoes and boots when going out in the cold.

Drink enough water

It is cold, sedentary, and the body is less sweaty so many people are lazy to drink water, which causes the body to be dehydrated, not enough to keep skin moisturized. So even if you’re not thirsty, make sure you drink about 2 liters of water every day by drinking water and soup.

Keep skin clean

Need to wash with warm water, change clothes and keep skin hygienic, especially hands, feet, limiting to touch, scratching on the face. If your hands get dirty and often touch the dry, cracked skin, it can lead to infection. Avoid scrubbing hard areas on the sick area when bathing, although winter should only use moderately warm water, do not use too hot water or soap will remove the greasy layer on the skin, making the skin drier, easier to crack, reduce resistance. Limit foot and hand washing with cold water with soap and chemicals.

If you have a lot of exposure to highly alkaline soaps, detergent-based hand sanitizers, contact with dissolved fats or water-absorbing substances… all make your skin dry, lose its elasticity and form. cracks. If possible, use moisturizing cream after cleansing your face, feet, and hands.

Enhance vitamins through food

In addition to ensuring adequate nutrition, eat a lot of vitamins-rich foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Care for dry, cracked skin

Each skin area on the body has different care. People with heel cracking should soak their feet with diluted saline water every day, then apply moisturizer.

People with cracked lips should use a natural lip balm such as honey or apply a layer of anti-chapped product. For facial skin, it is possible to use fruits such as cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, etc., which are used to nourish the skin, contain more moisture to the skin, keep skin soft in cold winter.