Notes when choosing children’s shoes

Often parents are excited when deciding to buy shoes for babies. However when is the right time? What kind of shoes are suitable? And because children are developing, what should be considered when buying shoes for babies?

To solve the above questions, please refer to when choosing the shoes for each baby according to the appropriate age below for more experience to take good care of the baby!

Why pay attention to children’s shoes

You may not think that baby shoes will affect the development of baby feet for many years afterwards. However, the fact that many problems with feet are derived from shoes at a young age. And when the defects have been revealed, improvement may be much more difficult than choosing a pair of shoes that are fit, firm and airy from now on.

Children learn to have cows that need shoes

At this stage, children should go barefoot to become familiar with the feeling of contact and practice balance. Children are learning to crawl so their legs need to be free and comfortable as much as possible. In case you take your baby outside and want to wear shoes for them, you can choose soft leather socks or shoes for toddlers. Note that children ‘s feet sweat more than adults, so baby socks or shoes should be made of breathable material.

Kind of shoes for toddlers

Toddler shoes should be flexible but firm, breathable, fit. A pair of rubber, slip-resistant, flexible and ventilated loafers will be the ideal choice. By the time of birth until the age of 5, the joints of the baby are still forming, so if the legs are not well supported, the joints can slide up to deflect the baby’s bones.

Children run a lot and move constantly. Should choose shoes for babies?

Now she needs a stronger pair of shoes. The heel should be thicker and the nose should be more flexible. This is the stage of the child’s feet growing fast, so ideally you should review the size of your baby’s foot every 3 months to check if the current size of the shoe is still suitable for the baby.

In general, shoes for young children need to be light and flexible so that the feet are comfortable to move. Breathable shoe insoles and shoes with good bearing capacity.

And finally, you decide to choose the right and fit shoes for your child, give them shoes to try to walk and observe their attitude to see if they are comfortable. Hopefully the information above will help parents.