Instructions for choosing sports shoes

Choosing a suitable pair of sports shoes can improve your practice and avoid injury. Remember the following suggestions when choosing to buy your sneakers.

If possible, choose to buy from a specialized sports shoe store. Such stores will provide a full range of shoes with special features that specifically support the sport you need. Often specialized stores will cost a bit higher, but are worthwhile, especially for regular sports players.

Try out shoes after you practice or jog and at the end of the day. At that time, the foot will be at its largest size.

Bring with you the type of socks you will use when playing sports. When wearing shoes, you can freely move your toes. Good sports shoes should create a feeling of comfort right after the first wear. No need for a new time to get used to. Walk or run a few steps with shoes, they must give you a pleasant feeling. Always put on your shoelaces when trying.

Check the heel. Make sure you don’t slip your heel when you go or run. If you play a sport more than 3 times per week. You should look for a dedicated sports shoe. You may find it difficult to choose when there are too many sports shoes on the market. There are differences in design, used materials and weight of shoes. These differences are designed to protect the best legs in each specific sport activity.

Sports shoes are used in groups

Jogging, training and walking. Includes hiking, jogging and fitness (short range) courses. For shoes to walk, you should find the type with the upper part (upper) is relatively soft, has the function of reducing shock, the foot part is elastic and flexible according to the movement of the foot when moving. Stable heel and relatively light weight.

Sports on the field: Including shoes for tennis, basketball, volleyball. Most of these sports require the body to move up and down and back and forth continuously. Therefore, shoes also have to endure very strong impact forces. The thing to note when choosing shoes for these sports is shoe soles.

Land sports: Includes soccer and baseball shoes. These shoes often have cushions, studded spikes or nails to increase grip. They may have different designs depending on the sport but in general can replace or disassemble the spikes and nails attached to the nylon sole.

Outdoor sports: Includes shoes for recreational sports activities such as hunting, fishing, sailing.

Special sports: Includes shoes for golf, aerobics and cycling.

Sports require specialization

According to the specific requirements of each athlete, the athletic shoe companies provide a variety of designs for each type of foot, each type of exercise and different training methods.

Know about your sneakers

If you play a sport more than 3 times a week, a dedicated sports shoe is needed. Remember that after about 500-800km of jogging or 300 hours of athletic activity, the cushioning materials in the shoes will be worn out and no longer work, that’s when you should consider buying a new pair of shoes.

Clever decision

With the explosion of sport in the past few years has led to a boom in the production of sports shoes. While customers in the 1960s had only one option, “sneakers” for all training purposes. Now consumers have to choose between hundreds of brands and styles of sneakers designed for all sports and activities.

You may be overwhelmed by hundreds of choices. Especially when sports shoe brands always introduce new models with more advanced technology every year. The advertised shoes seem suitable for most sports. A shoe brand cannot meet everyone’s requirements. An expensive sports shoe with all the features will definitely not be a suitable option if you need a dedicated shoe.

The information below will help you identify a pair of shoes that suit you, will definitely make you more comfortable while training and minimize injuries. Information includes what you should pay attention to when looking for a pair of dedicated sports shoes, features that help comfort and prevent injuries, how to find a pair of shoes that fit properly.

Jogging shoes

If you think normally, a pair of running shoes needs shock-absorbing buffers, but there are some who suggest that the shock absorber should be minimal and virtually no cushion. There is no data to prove which shoes are better. But if you choose shoes with shock-absorbing padding for the entire legs and heels to stabilize. Although not entirely, these features may help prevent leg pain, tendinitis, heel pain, pressure fractures and many overuse syndrome due to overuse. . You can read more about the principles of choosing running shoes to get more experience choosing shoes for this sport.

Walking shoes

If walking is your favorite sport or a doctor’s advice when treating cardiovascular. Wear a light sport shoe. If you find a pair of shoes with added shock-resistant cushioning on the heel, especially the concave, will help reduce heel pain. A pair of shoes with an outsole with a steam or bow may also help to soften the weight from the heel to the toes while reducing the forces that directly affect the foot.

Aerobic shoes

Aerobic training shoes should be light enough to limit leg fatigue and have a cushion below the front part near the toe because it is the most stressful place. If possible, you should practice on a thick carpet.

Tennis shoes

Tennis players need a pair of shoes that support responsive movement and constant weight change. A pair of shoes with frames both inside and outside the feet is an important requirement.

Basketball shoes

If basketball is your sport, you need to choose a pair of shoes with thick and hard soles. This brings stable use when moving. A pair of high-neck shoes can add support but will not reduce the risk of ankle sprains or injuries.

Shoe size

The best shoes in the world will not help you if it does not fit your feet. You can find a specialized sports shoe store for the sport you are playing to get the most thorough advice.

In short, choosing a suitable sports shoe depends a lot on the feeling of the wearer than on the parameters available on the shoe or you measure from the foot. So the best way to find a pair of shoes is whether to practice any sport or simply fashion, you should try it before you buy. In case there are no conditions to take the place to try, choose a store that allows return shipping.