Car Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace Luxury 2020

As a small luxury SUV segment with rivals such as Mercedes-Benz GLC, BMW X3, Audi Q5, or Volvo XC60. Tiguan Tiguan Allspace 2020 is the only premium version and officially distributed by Volkswagen in Southeast Asia.

Competitive prices Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 20201 and Mercedes-Benz GLC 250 4Matic are the two best selling candidates in the segment. These two models have a common configuration quite similar to the 2.0-liter engine and AWD drive system. However, the Tiguan AllSpace Luxury stands out a bit more when it comes to the third row and 360-degree CCTV around the car.


Tiguan Allspace 2020 has a sharp, angular design, accompanied by luxurious and modern exterior equipment such as advanced lighting systems with LED headlights and fog lights that actively adjust the lighting distance when cornering. High-contrast LED rear light cluster makes it easy to recognize the 2020 Tiguan Allspace from a distance.

The main headlight cluster of the car with LED daytime running lights is really very soulful and brings a very strong feeling. The grille of the car is in the form of three chrome bars and the Volkswagen logo in the center is luxurious. The muscular front bumper with honeycomb grid, the car’s fog lamp is still Halogen, giving the yellow light better projection effect than the white LED headlight when having to go into places with lots of fog.

The bodywork is sharp, with ribbed lines starting from the front wheel cavity through the door handle and connected to the rear headlights. The rear is really sporty with chrome splinters and the rear bumper with dual exhaust is sharpened and placed equally to the sides.

19-inch aluminum alloy wheels with 5-spoke “Victoria Falls”, this point is similar to the GLC 250. With the long wheelbase version, the Tiguan Allspace has a total length of 4.7m, more than the current Tiguan 26.8 cm, the front of the car from the front wheel axle to the front bumper is designed more perfectly aerodynamic than the 2.9cm shorter version. The vehicle (DxRxC) is 4701 x 1839 x 1674mm with the wheelbase up to 2790 (mm), more than the Toyota Fortuner 7-seater SUV to 45mm.

Tiguan Allspace 2020 was imported by Volkswagen with paint colors including Blue (2B2B), bronze brown (2J2J), green fangs (X1X1), orange (V9V9), gray (2R2R), ruby ​​red (7H7H), white (0Q0Q) ), black (2T2T). Comes with two interior colors can be selected as cream and black. It can be said that the exterior design of the Tiguan Allspace 2019 is masculine and directed to those who love the strength and equally luxurious.

Car interiors

The interior space of the Tiguan Allspace 2020 is not really eye-catching at first glance. However, when you sit long enough, you will find this interior compartment is very accurate and no redundant details. Besides, the interior is developed in an angular, strong masculine direction. The layout details are very reasonable and it only takes a few minutes to fully grasp the features.

All seats of the car are upholstered in high quality leather and have beautiful decorative stitches. The steering wheel is also wrapped in leather and sports a design, for a very interesting grip, along with many convenient buttons. More notable is that the front seats are electrically adjustable and have massage features, unique in the segment.

The second row of seats is roomy and can accommodate three adults comfortably, can slide up and down and adjust the seat back tilt. When sitting with just two people, you can turn on the armrests to make you feel more comfortable.

With a 2.790mm long wheelbase, the third row of seats on the 2020 Tiguan Allspace can accommodate two adults (will be uncomfortable for the “big”), not just for children, leg room if there is Sharing space from the second row is also sufficient. Volkswagen has really captured the psychology of consumers quite well when bringing about the 7-seat version, although carrying all 7 people is seldom needed but otherwise it will be quite troublesome.

The boot volume of the third row is 230 liters. When folding the third row seats will give luggage compartment volume up to 700 liters. The second row of seats arranged according to the 40/20/40 rules can slide before after a distance of 177 mm and fold; When folded in the second row, the total volume will reach 1,775 liters, with this volume Tiguan Allspace can accommodate surfboards, not simply golf bags or bicycles that other models in the same segment have made.


Luxury version in Vietnam owns all the necessary amenities to serve passengers with an entertainment system of 8 high-end speakers and a multi-function Composition Media, Bluetooth, USB, App-connect connection. . You can adjust the driving mode of the car as usual, sports or off-road or view information such as tire pressure, maintenance schedule. However, the Digital Cockpit cluster now offers a better experience when converted into an LCD screen for sharper quality, providing more intuitive information for the operator, this detail also brings excitement when holding. Drive every day a lot for the car’s owner.

Along with using Apple Carplay or Android Auto, taking advantage of the music system or directions will make your journey more comfortable.

3-zone automatic air conditioning, with separate adjustment clusters for rear seats; The trunk opens with an electric opening and kicking function to help users free hands when carrying luggage. Some other outstanding features include:

Engine, gear box

The Tiguan Allspace uses a TSI 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine producing 180 horsepower at 3,940 – 6,000 rpm and torque of 320Nm / 1,500 – 3,940 rpm. Achieving maximum power and maximum torque at such low revs helps reduce fuel consumption.

Performance of the car is quite respectable for a 1.7-ton heavy SUV with the ability to accelerate from 0-100km / h in just 7.9 seconds, before reaching a top speed of 208km / h. The new 2.0-liter TSI engine consumes an average of 7.8 liters of gasoline per 100 km in standard conditions.

Together with 4Motion all-wheel drive system helps ensure optimum traction in all operating conditions. Tiguan will make your journey perfect when you do not have to “shy” off-road routes, take all passengers to explore their desired places.

Review the new generation Mazda3

After launching in several markets in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and the Philippines, the all-new Mazda3 has also appeared in some countries in Southeast Asia, is expected to be introduced early next year. While waiting for the official launch, we will have a quick review of the new generation of best-selling sedan of this segment.

Entering a new generation with improvements in design, technology and engine, the C segment is the most practical demonstration that the top engineers of the Japanese automaker always know what their customers want…


Compared to the previous generation, the Mazda3 2020 has a more polished and elaborate design. The front of the car impresses with the black chrome diamond grille, giving it a more luxurious and sturdier look. Vehicles equipped with LED headlights are designed specifically with the lens inside, bringing a sharper, sportier and more powerful look.

According to engineers, the new generation Mazda3 is built on the basis of the new SkyActiv-Vehicle chassis, which is lighter in weight, more secure than the old generation. The suspension on the car has also been tweaked, for better handling, quieter operation.

The vehicle has overall dimensions (length x width x height) respectively 4,662 x 1,797 x 1,445 (mm). Compared to the previous generation, the Mazda 3 2019 is marginally more than 82 mm in length, 2mm in width and 5mm in height. Meanwhile, the wheelbase reaches 2,725 mm, also slightly higher than 25mm compared to the 3rd generation.

The slightly longer wheelbase has widened the passenger space. The rear seat is more spacious, though not significant, but it is somewhat comfortable, because the knees of passengers sitting here no longer have to touch the back of the front seats as on the old version anymore.

The design of the interior space on the new version is towards a minimalist but luxurious and modern layout. Vehicles fitted with 8.8 inch screen as standard on all versions, accompanied by MZD Connect system and 360-degree camera.

Previously, users could adjust this screen by touch or central control cluster, but now, this operation can only be done in the second way because the position of the screen has been adjusted backwards. driver seat. This detail may be annoying to customers, but according to the engineers, this is a layout that helps ensure more safety when driving.

It can be said that the minimalist style is also a plus point for this C-class car when making it easier for the driver to get used to it, each feature is annotated specifically in both words and images.

Everything is clearly arranged, coherent but feels like you’re on a luxury car instead of the economy class. Especially when the design of the air-conditioning control system / heater looks quite similar to the way on Audi, while the steering wheel feels like BMW. In addition, the audio control knob located near the entertainment interface pushes to the right or left and the music player will automatically change the previous / next song in the list similar to the feature that has appeared in Audi cars.

The car audio system as standard includes 6 speakers with good music quality. In addition, if desired, customers can agree with the option of 10 more luxurious Bose speakers. With both options, the car does not attach a mid-range speaker on the door, but hidden under the dashboard, under column A and in front of the front door. With this change, the car door will no longer be shaken or shaken when the user plays the music at the loudest level.


At the moment, details about the engine versions and options for the Vietnamese market have not been disclosed. However, the latest version of SkyActiv-X engine will not be available, because the engine is only compatible with Euro6 fuel.

Similar to other Southeast Asian markets, the Mazda3 will have two engine options including the 1.5L type, producing 109 hp at 6,000 rpm and 146 Nm of torque at 3,500 rpm; and 2.0L engine for 151 hp at 6000 rpm and 200Nm of torque at 4000 rpm. Both engines are paired to a 6-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. The minus point in the engine part on the Mazda3 is that it still does not have a strong turbocharger like on rivals Honda Civic or Hyundai Elantra …


The list of standard safety features on the new generation for the Philippine market is quite attractive with a range of airbags, anti-lock braking system (ABS) with brake force distribution (EBD) and electric brake assist. (BA), traction control (TCS) and electronic stability (ESP), tire pressure monitoring alerts, reversing camera, parking sensors and engine anti-vibration.

On the high-end versions, there are additional features such as lane keeping assist, lane departure warning, intelligent brake assist, blind spot warning and vehicle cross-traffic alert when reversing available on variables. to be more advanced.

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