Instructions on steps to take care your skin at home

Proper and scientific facial care will help you own beautiful, healthy and smooth skin. In particular, the basic facial care steps are very important and need to be carried out daily to achieve the best results. In addition, proper skin care will help you minimize the process of skin aging, especially in the face area. Let’s take a look at the steps of home skin care in the right way, basically!

1. Basic home care steps are basically right

Step 1: Clean the face

This is the most basic and most important facial care step. This step helps remove dirt, sebum, and nutrients in the following steps, which can be more easily absorbed. However, to protect the best skin, you should only use cleanser 2 times / day, other times you should only use water to clean the skin.

Things to avoid when washing your face:

– Too abusing facial cleanser: This makes the skin become rough, more sebum secretions make pores get pumpkin, increase the rate of acne appearance.

– Use hot water to wash your face: Before washing your face you can use warm water to make pores expand. Thanks to that, the cleanser will push out more scum, dirt from the face. However, after using the cleanser, you should rinse with cold water to tighten the pores.

Step 2: Toner or Lotion

Toner or Lotion are two products that help control sebaceous glands, tighten the leg holes. balance pH and also a great tool to remove makeup if light makeup. Use cotton to soak the moderate amount of Toner or Lotion and pat the face. When doing so, do not use excessive force to cause damage to sensitive skin areas. You use it until the make-up cotton runs out of water. In excessive oil areas like the forehead or nose, you can work longer.

Step 3: Apply lotion

The next step in skin care steps is basically balancing the skin’s moisture. The lotion works to provide essential nutrients and moisture to keep your skin bright and pink.

2. Improved facial skin care steps

In addition to the basic steps, advanced steps for proper skin care will help speed up more effectively. However, these steps do not need to be done regularly. Instead, you should only take the following steps at a moderate level:

– Remove makeup: If you do not wear makeup, you can skip this step. Remove makeup helps take away the remainder of makeup cosmetics, helps skin care better.

– Exfoliating cells: Every day our body still produces many dead cells. Dead cells will limit the permeability of nutrients into the skin. However, if you regularly remove dead cells, it is easy to thin the skin, leading to skin damage.

– Masking: Apply the mask next to the nutrient supply, it also has a relaxing effect. Applying the mask about 2 times / week will help your skin smooth and smooth.

– Serum, Essence or Ampoule: They are often referred to as essences. After 25 years of age, your skin will develop aging problems. In addition, some essences are also made specifically for acne skin. Depending on the type of skin and the problem you are having, you should choose the right essence.

– Sleep mask: Considered a step to “lock” the nutrients in the above steps. Sleeping masks often provide a lot of moisture to the skin, suitable for use in the winter. In addition, you can also replace sleeping masks with mineral spray.

3. What to look for in order to have proper facial care

Use products that are suitable for skin

You should choose products that match your age and skin type. Not always expensive, you can choose the product you like. When there are signs of skin irritation, you should stop using it immediately. In particular, do not use products of unknown origin.

Scientific facial massage

When taking basic facial care steps, you should combine with facial massage. Facial massage has the effect of stimulating the facial nerves, helping the skin become more rosy. At the same time, it also helps to absorb nutrients into the skin faster.

When massage your face, take note of the upward movement to tighten your skin. Also do not use excessive force when massage to avoid hurting the skin.

Healthy diet

In the right way of skin care, lack of adequate nutrition diets cannot be called perfect. In addition to the direct effects on your face, you should also add nutrients from the inside to help your skin stay healthy from the inside out.

To keep your skin smooth and healthy, you should avoid eating too much oily food and adding more fiber to your diet. If you are on a diet, split up many meals but still provide enough in each diet.

Facial care is very important. Therefore, besides the steps of daily facial care properly, you should also have a reasonable rest and eating regime. At the same time, you should also exercise regularly to get healthy, beautiful skin from inside.