How to choose right shampoo for each type of hair

Every day we take care of our hair, comb our hair regularly, but few people care what kind of hair we use and which shampoo to use. In this article we will tell you how to choose the right shampoo for your hair.

Shampoo suitable for oily hair

Oily hair is sticky hair, losing its swelling, shiny, like long time without washing your hair.

The main cause of oily hair is that sebaceous glands are active in the scalp. But even if oily hair comes from any cause, the most effective way to improve it is to use an appropriate hair care shampoo.

Oily hair should use component shampoos containing zinc, have a balanced pH for the scalp (pH> 6), less chemicals, less moisturizer or aromatic essential oils.

With oily scalp, wash your hair with cold water every day by using the flesh of your fingers, rather than scratching, causing damage to your scalp to help your hair clean and limit oil secretion.

Oil shampoo: Tresemme Deep Cleansing Shampoo for oily hair, Head And Shoulders Instant Oil Control Shampoo.

If you don’t have a lot of time, just put some chalk on your palm and gently apply it to the hairline and scalp, when the sweat is secreted, remember to apply oil absorbent paper directly to the skin! The powder will absorb all the sweat that will help the hair to dry out and keep the buoyancy throughout the day.

Shampoo suitable for dry, hard hair and breakage

Hair color is not bright, easy to tangle and not shiny, lacking in vitality, it is easy to lose and dry. Even worse, dry hair looked fuzzy and even like a bunch of straw.

To overcome the situation on her, she should use the rich shampoo of nutrients such as butter, fat and lanolin. The ideal shampoo for dry hair has a pH of 4.5 to 6.7.

Do not wash your hair too many times a week, 2 – 3 days to wash once and let your hair dry naturally. Should be combined with the use of conditioner, annealing cream, balm to bring the best effect.

Shampoo suitable for hair perm, dye

Dye has an exfoliating effect of hair fibers. Therefore, hair dyed hair is thin, spongy, and easily split, broken. If you dye your hair into a lighter color, the dyeing process will become much more bleaching.

So to restore and maintain the color of hair, we should choose shampoo and conditioner for hair dyes. So to restore and maintain the color of hair, we should choose shampoo and conditioner for hair dye.

And besides, need to avoid shampoo like: Clear, Head & Shoulders, menthol shampoo, strong alkaline shampoo.

Shampoo suitable for thick and curly hair

People with curly hair are mostly dry, brittle hair. The reason is that the amount of oil on the hair is very difficult to absorb evenly to the hair body as with straight hair.

Shampoos that increase hair moisture are best suited for this type of hair. When choosing a shampoo that contains a lot of moisturizers, it is extracted from butter, fat, coconut oil. Or you can see the product ingredients that contain substances such as ethyl and stearyl, panthenol and methicones, silicone and dimethicone, or essential oils and plants like pears and jojoba seeds.

Choosing a shampoo for your hair is very important, keeping your hair strong, floating and confident in communicating with people around you. So be aware of which hair type to have the correct choice.