How to tie beautiful shoelaces

Depending on the different styles, you will also have countless ways to tie beautiful shoe laces. For believers who love sneaker shoes, a beautiful pair of shoes is a work of art, and the one who wears those shoes is the artist.

Because, even from the smallest details such as shoelaces are also very carefully cared for. A nice pair of shoes will not be able to exude all of your inherent beauty if you don’t know how to match your shoes properly, and if you don’t know how to tie beautiful shoes, those shoes will also become useless. same normal.

How to tie Criss-Cross fishbone sports shoes

This is the most popular way of tying shoelaces for most sports shoes, sneakers like Vans old skool, Converse, Nike or Adidas… With simple, comfortable, easy-to-follow features, how to tie this shoe This will save you a lot of time while ensuring your shoes are always beautiful.

Not only that, with this type of sport shoe laces, you can also easily adjust the width or tightness of the shoes to match your feet.

1: Put 2 ends of shoelace straight through the first hole in the horizontal line in the direction from the bottom up.
2: At each hole, cross the rope from one end to the other. If you choose the right wire above, the left wire will be below, like that until the last hole.
3: After you have tied the rope through the piercing in turn, you just need to fasten the shoelace and tighten it to make sure it is finished with the fishbone shoelace.

How to tie sports shoelaces in straight / horizontal style

Those with thick insteps will often find it difficult to slip on their sneakers. This way of tying shoe laces in a straight line will make it easier to wear shoes.

Besides, with limited tying of cross corners, thereby reducing the pressure on the toes, this way of tying the shoe will also make your feet more comfortable and comfortable, even if you have It is not a problem to be active all day.

1: The first is still to move the two ends of the wire through the hole in the first horizontal line but in the direction from top to bottom.
2: Put the left shoelace into the next side hole from the bottom to the outside. From this position, you thread the wire through the hole in the same row on the opposite side.
3: Move the string on the right, ie the rope is on the inside of the shoe, how to test 1 hole (3rd hole on the same side) and then put the string through the opposite hole.
4: Keep repeating this method for the shoelaces to reach the last pierced hole and then tie the knot.

How to tie the shoelace diagonally upwards

This is the type of shoe strap to be modified from the type of Criss-Cross so the implementation is quite simple. This type of tie also helps your shoes to avoid fraying when tied, thereby increasing the life of the shoes.

B1: Pass the wire through two holes in the first horizontal line in the direction from top to bottom
B2: Continue to turn through the next shoe hole in a way that will cross each other. Turn like that until the last hole and then tighten it.

How to tie sports shoelaces to create openings

This type of shoe laces used is also quite popular because it not only guarantees time but also brings the unique, impressive for your shoes.

By creating openings in the shoelaces, how to tie this athletic shoelace will help your instep to be relaxed comfortably, your ankles will not be pulled too tight. Therefore, this is a beautiful type of shoe laces suitable for those who play sports or practice for a long time, continuously.

1: It is still the step of passing through the hole in the first horizontal line in the direction from the bottom up
2: Cross each other like a way to force Criss-Cross to create the first X, stop.
3: Straighten the shoelace through the side hole of the side to create an opening
4: Continue to cross the shoelaces in the Criss-Cross style to create the next X
5: After tying to the last pierced hole, tie the shoelace securely, not opening it.

How to tie Western shoelaces in a straight European style

In addition to the ways of tying shoelaces, Western shoes should also be tied in a neat and luxurious way. With a straight-on and cross-tie style on the inside, this way of tying will make the shoes fit snugly into your feet, which is perfect for tying Western shoelaces like Oxfords or Brogues.

1: Straighten the wire through the first hole in the horizontal line in the top-down direction.
2: Put the wire on the left into the second hole on the opposite side from inside, then put the piercing hole in the opposite row from the outside.
3: Put the right wire through the 3rd opposite hole from the inside, then put the wire through the opposite hole on the same level from the outside.
4: Continue to knit like that until the last hole and tie the knot.

How to tie high-necked Converse shoelaces with strings

This way of tying the concealed shoelaces will make the high-heeled shoes like the converse more neat and easier to match. Especially the way of tie is quite simple, anyone can easily implement.

How to tie high-neck converse shoelaces to hide the strings

1: Pierce Criss-Cross-style shoes until the end of the pierced holes

2: Push the right wire into the left hole in the direction from the outside to inside (this time there will be two wires at the same hole)

3: Pierce the left wire at the beginning of the opposite right hole in the direction from outside to inside (this time two wires will be on both sides of the piercing)

4: Turn the right and left strings neatly and stuff it inside the shoe’s neck and complete the style of hiding the strings for high-neck converse shoes.

Just now are very beautiful and very simple shoelaces that anyone can make. With just a few steps, you can “transform” your shoes to be new and unique. So what are you hesitating about, but don’t try these styles of tying up the shoelaces right away and choose the right outfit and then kick the street with friends.