Student life and career opportunities while studying at ITC

The campuses at ITC are fully equipped with the most advanced educational technologies, as well as in student common spaces. Both City and South Auckland campuses have training suites, computer labs, study and recreation spaces, student kitchens, vending machines, Internet services and Wi-Fi access. Free with many other utilities.

Students will take 4-hour courses (Monday to Friday) and nearly 10 hours of self-study each week. This will allow you to get a part-time job and / or enjoy weekends to explore Auckland and the rest of the country.


ITC students will have the opportunity to participate in field trips to support their learning. Field trips include visits to tourist attractions such as the Auckland Museum, Auckland Harbor Climbing Bridge, meeting point with Maori and many other activities.

Most students will have the opportunity to participate in a 3-day field trip in New Zealand, which includes activities such as waterfall sliding, visiting Maori cultural village, yacht watching dolphins and sand skiing. The picnic is an opportunity for students to explore and experience work in aviation, tourism and travel, as well as explore the tourist destinations in New Zealand and the indigenous communities here. (Māori).

ITC and business

ITC works closely with employers from the aviation industry to travel and tourism. The school meets with the Industry Advisory Council 3 to 4 times each year to ensure the curriculum is in line with industry requirements. In addition, guest speaker meetings and business visits are also an important part of the course.

ITC’s partnerships ensure that students have the most up-to-date knowledge and skills, and have the technical skills they need to get ready for the job.

Employers favor ITC graduates

Graduates at ITC are highly sought after by employers for their practical, enthusiastic and motivated work ability to succeed. Many employers will contact the school when they need manpower (sometimes an exclusive request), and job positions will be listed on the ITC website so that students are and will be looking for work. can apply.

The job exhibition

ITC also organizes regular job shows for students. Employers are invited to the school to talk with students to help them understand the career, the recruitment process of the company and the qualities that businesses need in their employees. This is a great opportunity to connect students with employers, and often bring job opportunities as well as internships for students.

Employment advisor

The counseling content includes topics such as how to write an impressive resume, or preparing for an interview. Students will be supported by job counselors on campus. The advising team will help students find the perfect job so that they can develop their career right after graduation.

ITC graduates are now working across New Zealand as well as around the world. Equipped with the willingness to work and the skills required by the business, ITC’s students are always welcome. A career in aviation, airports, hotels, travel, and tourism can help students get anywhere.

Study at New Zealand International Tourism College (ITC)

When enrolling in ITC, the first thing students need to do is to fill out the Questionnaire for international students. After the applicant submits the application form, the ITC team can help recommend courses that best suit your future career goals or previous work and study experience.

ITC’s international team will assist the student through the application process and will send you an official letter of admission, whereby you will have to confirm your selection so that you can to attend.

International Tourism and Tourism Management Degree Level 5

This is the most popular program at ITC for international students. The two-year course will provide professional skills and professional management qualifications, recognized throughout the world. The IATA / UFTAA qualification (included in the program) is one that is highly sought after by employers across the globe.

Throughout the course there will be field trips, guest speakers, work experience and business events. Students will also have the opportunity to experience the tourism industry in New Zealand with two tours lasting 3 days.

New Zealand Tourism Degree Tier 5

The 1-year degree program in tourism and tourism management will equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to graduate into a general management career, especially in professionals. aviation, travel and tourism.

This course focuses on skills in human resource management, marketing, strategic planning, research, finance, communication, law and sustainable tourism. Students will have the opportunity to explore the tourism industry in New Zealand through a 3-day trip.

New Zealand Tourism Certificate Tier 4

The 21-week certificate course provides students with a wealth of skills and knowledge in the fields of aviation, tourism and travel. Students will gain access to major tourism markets around the world while also acquiring important geographic knowledge of well-known global tourist destinations.

The course also trains ticket prices and the AMADEUS online ticketing system, which is used by many international airlines, hotels as well as travel agencies. Students also receive a cruise ship certificate, with the latest industry insights, and will also experience New Zealand travel with a 3-day trip.

New Zealand Tourism Certificate with Level 3 Travel and Tourism level

The course will introduce the tourism industry, along with many practical activities, role-playing situations, business visits, in order to prepare students best for graduation.

Throughout the 20-week course, students learn everything about the thriving tourism industry in New Zealand, including geographic knowledge of essential locations. In addition, the school also organizes a flight attendant practice to give students a comprehensive view of career options, as well as a unique crew training online program.

New Zealand Tourism Certificate with Professional Level 3 aviation

This 21-week program will be a great course to get you into jobs in the aviation industry or at airports. This program is very practical with many diverse job positions, helping students to be prepared in their field of expertise.

Students will learn about an industry that has a fast-paced flight-like industry, including flight attendant work, dangerous cargo transportation, aviation security, airport topography and Other aviation operations. ITC’s specially designed Airport Training Center will provide the perfect training environment for the course.

New Zealand International Tourism College (ITC)

New Zealand International Tourism College (ITC) is a high-class training institution for aviation, hospitality, and tourism. It is one of the largest industries in the world and continues to grow globally and in New Zealand. Currently, 1 in 8 people work in this area in New Zealand.

Founded in 1996, ITC is built on the basis of excellent education, quality courses, equipping students with work skills and dedicated support to career development.

ITC is the leading school in the field of tourism, having won many New Zealand Tourism Awards, including the prestigious Distinction Award.

ITC is registered and accredited with the New Zealand Certification Authority (NZQA) of Group 1, International Air Transport Association (IATA / UFTAA), CODECO and Ready to Check In. All ITC courses are certified by the Ministry of Education and are accredited and licensed by the New Zealand Immigration Service for student visas.

ITC ensures students can be ready to work in the field of tourism with confidence, professional skills and well-prepared. ITC faculty members are selected according to their professional experience in the tourism industry in New Zealand as well as abroad. Students will learn from teachers rich in practical skills and strong professional knowledge.

In ITC’s 4-level certification program and 5-level degree course, students will be offered real-world work opportunities by the school. Students can work part-time during their studies (and full-time on vacation), which is a valuable opportunity to gain paid work experience in New Zealand.

ITC’s degree courses offer bachelor’s degree programs at many training institutions in New Zealand, as well as allowing credit transfer into overseas programs.

Only students who have successfully completed a 5-level International Tourism & Tourism Management degree program are eligible to apply for a Post-Graduate Work Visa to work full-time in New Zealand for up to 1 year.

ITC has campuses located in Central Auckland, South Auckland, Whangarei and Christchurch.

Highlights of ITC

ITC is a prestigious international college and has won many awards. The College also signs the Code of Practice for International Student Support, so students can be assured of the support services offered at the school.

With approximately 450 students enrolled on 4 campuses, ITC provides a friendly, open learning environment for international students. Through small classes, students will receive close follow-up from tutors as well as many other sources of support.
ITC usually organizes events every 6-8 weeks as well as lunches for international students, allowing you to meet international students from other classes.

ITC courses include a variety of hands-on activities to help students make the most of their time at the University. Each course also includes team building activities, study tours and work experience opportunities.

The school’s facilities are state-of-the-art, including an Airport Training Center for crew, check-in, boarding, and passenger support training. There are also many computer labs, common room, and study area for students.