Admissions requirements and faculty structure at Victoria University

To study in Victoria, international students must have good English proficiency and high academic achievement.

Entry requirements are listed under each program. The school will review the academic records and English ability of each candidate when evaluating records.

If you do not meet the English language requirements for the course, you can apply for the Victoria English Proficiency Program. The 12-week English Proficiency Program (EPP) aims to develop English language skills for academic purposes. Upon successful completion, students will receive a Certificate of English Proficiency.

If you do not meet the academic requirements of the course, you can apply for the Foundation Program designed to help international students who do not meet the entry requirements to prepare for the courses. University.

The Victoria University Foundation Program is taught by ACG New Zealand International College, ensuring students who complete the course will be admitted to the bachelor’s degree programs at Victoria University in Wellington.

Lecturer structure

Department of Architecture and Design

Khoa is a leading provider of education in various fields of construction and design.


The Department of Pedagogy offers challenging and stimulating learning programs that encourage students to apply research into practice. The school will equip students with the knowledge necessary to acquire critical and creative thinking, in order to create their own path in the educational environment.

Faculty of Engineering

The department’s programs focus on industry, giving students the opportunity to participate in practical projects while still studying modern theories such as controlling robots to explore damaged buildings, designs large-scale networks, or telecommunication system development.

Faculty of University Research

The Faculty of University Studies closely follows all doctoral programs and research projects in order to bring the most positive value to the student’s dissertation research.

Department of Health

The latest faculty at Victoria University, established in January 2017, brings together researchers and teachers with the goal of training a next generation of health professionals, aiming to make a difference. and health and welfare differences in New Zealand.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

The variety of courses and locations right in the heart of the capital and the cultural cradle of the nation will give students a great opportunity to build the future.

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law provides a supportive and encouraging learning environment. The school is ranked among the top 40 law schools in the world and is home to many world-renowned scholars.

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Its faculty is the world’s leading researchers and Wellington is the city with the highest density of scientists and scientific organizations in New Zealand.

Victoria Business School

The school trains leaders who are able to consider the intimate relationship of trade, governance, and society from economic activities.

Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University is located in Wellington, and is one of New Zealand’s oldest universities, recognized for its excellent quality of education, according to which the university is ranked in the top 2% of universities in the world according to the University Rankings.

QS World Studies 2018. The university’s key majors include Accounting and Finance, Earth and Ocean Sciences, Education, Engineering, Hospitality, Law, Performing Arts, Psychology. The school owns 3 different campuses located around downtown Wellington.

Career and Career teams are always ready to help students with their studies and work to achieve their career goals and ambitions. In addition, students can talk directly with job counselors to share tips on writing CV, join conferences, or visit Careers Hub online to manage their own progress.

Victorian students have the opportunity to study abroad in another country while studying at the university. There are 26 countries that students can choose from, including Canada, Mexico, Denmark and Hong Kong.

Students will be supported in the learning process through a variety of services, such as academic assistance, student with disability, international student exclusive service, security advisory service and supports related to health and welfare.

In their spare time, students can join clubs and assemblies at the school, spanning a wide range of interests and sports. This is a great opportunity to make friends and integrate into a new environment. There are also volunteer activities as an opportunity for you to expand your social relationships as well as show your leadership skills.

Teaching quality at Victoria University

The quality of teaching at Victoria University in Wellington is highly appreciated for a number of reasons, including:

Teaching and Learning at Victoria University

The faculty of the school helps students discover their talents and passions.

Professional competence at Victoria University

In Victoria, students will learn from the best and most renowned faculty in their field of expertise. Our teachers use teaching and learning methods that meet international standards and reflect the general trend of the world.

Improving education at Victoria University

A number of its faculty have been awarded the National Higher Education Quality Award for educational improvement. Most lecturers have conducted research at the highest level and are encouraged to apply these studies in their first year of teaching.

Leading research in Victoria University

Victoria is the top university in New Zealand for research quality, so this is an ideal place for students who want to do postgraduate studies. Learners will have access to world-class facilities and work with the best teachers, through which you will be inspired by teachers and career-oriented.

Easy access to knowledge at Victoria University

Most courses are taught in small groups, so students can discuss, ask questions and receive personalized support. You also have access to many of the university’s academic resources and student support services to succeed in your studies.